“Finding Ultra” by Rich Roll Review

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Finding Ultra is a life-changing fitness book authored by Rich Roll, and it’s the real-life account of how a middle-aged man went from being out-of-shape alcoholic to an elite endurance athlete in just a matter of months. Roll’s story will not only change the way you view fitness and aging, but also challenge your resolve to live a healthy lifestyle.

Key Highlights of Finding Ultra by Rich Roll
Many middle-aged people who struggle with their physical fitness can relate to this book. It starts with Rich realizing how bad his fitness level had deteriorated over the years.

In 2006, the night before turning 40, Rich had a moment of clarity. Then a middle-aged corporate lawyer, he had a moment of truth when he stopped to catch a breath while walking up a flight of stairs. Nearly 50lbs overweight, out of shape, and struggling with alcoholism, Rich realized at that point he had to do something to improve his health. So, he started an intense training routine and adopted a plant-based diet, which he shares in the book.

Rich goes on to narrate how his turning point came when 90-days into his adopted fitness program, he ended up running a near marathon on an impulse on what was supposed to be a light jogging session. With this feat, he knew he had to scale up his goals. Six months into his physical overhaul, Rich Roll went from an out-of-shape mid-lifer to an endurance machine.

In Find Ultra, we see Rich enrolling in the elite Ultraman Competition, in which the world’s fittest athletes go head to head in a 320-mile triathlon of biking, running, and swimming. After finishing 11th overall in that competition, Rich goes on to conquer an even bigger challenge: the Epic5 Ironman distance triathlons hosted on five Islands in Hawaii, which he completed in less than a week.

Is This Book Worth Buying?
With so many fitness books these days that claim to offer life changing stories, sorting out the good and rewarding reads from the hyped up pile can be challenging. However, Finding Ultra is more than just a tale of astounding athletic feats. The book is a practical training guide as well, and it can be used by people who want to achieve a similar physical transformation.

Rich Roll also shares dieting tips based on his PlantPower regimen, which might work for you. His accomplishments have gained international acclaim and he has been featured on CNN and named as one of the “25 fittest men in the World” by Men’s Fitness Magazine in 2009. Coming from someone with such credibility, Finding Ultra is one fitness book you simply have to read.

If you follow what this book suggests, you could also experience a dramatic physical transformation that will kick start your journey to living an active and healthy lifestyle. Many people who have read this book found it interesting and inspiring. Therefore, Finding Ultra is highly recommended, especially for individuals caught up in a midlife fitness struggle.

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