Which Exercises Best Complement Yoga?

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The key to doing anything successfully is aligning your actions to make sure they all work towards your goals in life. With your physical and mental fitness, the story is no different.

So, if you practice yoga already, you might be curious to know what other types of exercise will not only help you on your way to your health and fitness goals but also work hand-in-hand with your yoga routine for even faster results.

If you are, look no further than these suggestions.

1) Swimming

Swimming is an excellent way to cool down and get in an excellent fat-burning workout.

This cardio workout will get your heart pumping as you engage every muscle in your body, encouraging you to tone up.

It will improve your endurance in the realm of muscular, respiratory, and cardiac health. Plus, it keeps your joints safe in the process.

It can even strengthen your bones.

2) Hiking

Going for a hike is a great way to get out into nature.

It will also boost your muscular and cardiac endurance for benefits you will utilize every moment of your life.

The great outdoors also has the ability to relieve stress and you’ll surely have fun as you hike to new places, whether you’re going alone or with friends.

The change in elevation and movement will help keep stress off your joints while still challenging them too.

3) Rock Climbing

Looking to add to the intensity of hiking?

Go rock climbing for a change.

While it’s not for everyone, rock climbing is a fantastic all-body workout that will have you feeling every muscle in your body by the end of the day.

It challenges you in ways other exercises simply can’t because even the tiniest muscles in your hands and feet will fill the burn!

It will build strength and endurance as you invigorate and exhilarate yourself.

4) Pilates

Not to be confused with yoga, pilates is a more upbeat type of body weight exercise that can definitely go hand-in-hand with your yoga practice.

Finding the right pilates routine is key, and once you do, you will begin to really feel the burn as you bring your skills down to the mat. In fact, that’s the major difference between yoga and pilates.

The former is usually focused on standing movements.

Is Yoga a Form of Strength Training?

Yoga has many benefits, with improved muscle tone and strength being one of them.

But, does that mean yoga classifies as strength training?

This a really good question, but the answer isn’t as straightforward as many hope.

In reality, it all comes down to the style of yoga you are doing.

Yoga poses can definitely help you build strength and, therefore, yoga could be considered a form of strength training.

But, the intensity with which you approach a yoga session and the type of yoga you participate in could mean that it could also classify as cardio or almost meditation.

It’s up to you to set the tone by establishing a flow that matches your goals.

If you want to build strength, yoga is a fantastic way to do it.

If you choose the right poses, you will get to reap many benefits at once.

Aside from toning up your body, you can also burn fat, boost the speed your metabolism, and improve your respiratory system through proper breathing practices.

Improved blood flow, balance, and flexibility also come along with proper yoga practice.

The muscle tone potential of yoga depends specifically on the type of poses you’re doing and how long you hold them for.

If, for instance, you hold even a basic pose like downward facing dog for over a minute, you will begin to feel the burn in your arms and the rest of your body.

Meanwhile, you will be stretching out the back of your thighs and calves while helping to relieve tension throughout your back.

As you can see, just this one simple pose has a lot of benefits.

If you assemble a yoga routine composed of poses specifically designed to help you build strength, you will have a killer workout in no time at all. And, that’s part of the beauty of yoga.

A hatha yoga routine will focus on putting together different poses in order to achieve a good workout.

That makes it a good place to start.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something more focused on fat burning as well as strength, you should opt for Ashtanga, Bikram, or Vinyasa yoga.

All three of these styles are coveted for their calorie burning potential.

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