How Exercise Can Improve Your Sex Life

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One of the least talked about, but maybe most beneficial aspects of exercise is how it can potentially improve your sex life.

This is true for both men and women.

So many people try different methods to improve their sex lives, but according to current science, half-an-hour on a treadmill every day can be just as effective as any costume or medication when it comes to making your sex life better.

Here’s why…

Exercise Makes You Lose Weight & Get Fitter

One of the biggest reasons why exercise can improve your sex life is because it makes you thinner and possibly more toned (based on the kind of exercise you do).

There are a number of reasons why losing weight and building muscle can improve your time spent in the bedroom.

For starters, you’ll feel more attractive and you will actually be more attractive. Simply put, being more attractive leads to more sex on a regular basis. It doesn’t matter whether you are in a long-term relationship, married, or single, being attractive improves your sex life.

Secondly, when you lose weight, doing intensive tasks becomes simpler. Running a mile when you are 200 lbs. is a lot easier than running a mile when you are 300 lbs. The same idea applies to sex. Have more intense sex and longer sex is simply much easier when you weigh less and have more stamina.

Exercising Regularly Gives You More Energy

Nothing kills a sex drive faster than being tired. Exercising regularly simply makes you more energetic. So, when you get home from work, you won’t be so dead tired, which means that working up the energy to have sex will be a lot easier.

Exercising Increases Certain Hormone Levels in Your Body

Finally, we should talk about hormone levels.

Exercising increases your testosterone levels (this is especially true for men).

Increased testosterone levels can have numerous effects on the human body.

One of the main effects is an increased libido. However, too much testosterone can actually negatively impact your libido.

So, you have to be careful not to do too much exercise, otherwise, you could end up killing your sex drive, rather than helping it.

Next time you are considering how you can improve your sex life, ditch the pills, the bad sex advice you find online, and instead start lifting some weights or doing some cardio, it’s far more effective.

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