Everlast EverGel Hand Wraps Review

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The Everlast company designs, manufactures and distributes equipment, clothing and accessories for boxing, mixed martial arts and fitness related activities.

The company has been recognizable as a leader in its field for more than 100 years, founded in 1910 in the Bronx, New York, US. The company’s recognizable logo can be found on products sold in more than 70 countries around the world. The Everlast EverGel Hand Wraps are the product of this review.

Key Elements of the Everlast EverGel Hand Wraps

  • Your choice of black or yellow
  • Provided in medium, large and extra-large
  • Machine washable
  • Neoprene construction
  • Elastic wrist straps keep the wraps secure

What Makes the Everlast EverGel Hand Wraps a Good Buy?

Boxers and martial artists need to protect their hands. So do practitioners of other physical fitness forms. When striking with your fists, the bones and knuckles of your hands and wrist are vulnerable to injury. Traditional boxing handwraps are thin straps of fabric measuring 6 feet long.

They take a lot of time to wrap and unwrap, and if not wrapped properly, don’t do a good job of protecting your hands.

The Everlast EverGel Hand Wraps are more like gloves than wraps.

They are constructed of a state-of-the-art cushioning fabric that keeps the knuckles of your hand safe, while still allowing freedom of movement. They include a Velcro wrist locking system which means the wraps stay in place, and have neoprene added for comfort and durability.

This particular construction means you can use these wraps as a standalone accessory, or under your boxing gloves. They provide excellent wrist support, and are so much easier to put on and remove than traditional hand wraps.

The most notable complaint about 180 inch long wraps is that you have to spend a lot of time diligently wrapping your hands, and nearly as much time unwrapping them. This is definitely not the case with this product, which comes from a company well known for delivering top-of-the-line boxing, MMA and martial arts gear accompanied by an affordable price tag.

It should be noted that these wraps are not recommended for use on a heavy bag without wearing boxing gloves over them. Just like traditional handwraps, they are meant to protect the many small bones in your hand, and keep you from spraining your wrist.

They do not take the place of boxing gloves, and are not ideally suited for working a heavy bag without wearing gloves over them.

For the price and quality, ease-of-use and durability, backed by a respected name in the business, these handwraps deserve your consideration if you practice Muay Thai, Boxing, Kick-boxing, Jiu Jitsu and other martial arts or physical fitness forms where you strike with your hand.

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