CAP Barbell Adjustable Weighted Vest Review

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The CAP Barbell weighted vest is made of breathable mesh, and has fully adjustable straps to suit different body types.

The weight of the vest can be adjusted by inserting or removing individual weight packets.

Benefits of Using a Weighted Vest

Add strength training to your cardio

A weighted vest allows you to add weight training to practically any workout.

Using the vest will mean extra weight can be added to your body discretely, and evenly distributed, without you physically having to hold the weight.

Burn extra calories

Adding extra weight will increase calorie burn.

A study performed by the American Council on Exercise has shown that adding a mere 15% of your body weight (for example, that would be 27 lb if you currently weight 180 lb) to your daily walk can burn 12% more calories.

The calorie burn shoots up the more weight you add.

Add incremental stress to calisthenic workouts

If your workouts are mainly calisthenic based, with no weights or equipment, it can be easy to plateau in performance.

Usually, the only way to advance in calisthenics is to add more repetitions, but this can lead to diminishing returns eventually.

Using a weight vest is a way to add extra weight in increments over time, without altering your workout or exercises.

Use the weighted vest in any activity

The CAP weighted vest can be used during any sport or activity, and still aid you to burn calories.

Wear the vest while gardening, golfing, or any day to day task.

Positive points from buyers

Odor resistant

The weighted vest sits very closely to the skin, and there is a possibility you won’t be able to wash it before every workout, especially if you workout on a daily basis.

Odor resistance will go a long way in making it more user friendly.

The material is designed to be easily wiped of sweat, plus preventing build up of bacteria leading to body odor.

Not overly bulky

You might think that the weights in the vest would stick out and be bulky.

Fortunately this isn’t the case, enabling the vest to be worn under jackets and other outer garments for outdoor workouts and walking.


Comfort is a big plus when wearing something heavy.

The weight(s) are evenly distributed over the body, and the material is soft yet durable.

Possible negative points

Weights are not inside the vest at arrival

You have to insert the sand bags into the vest pockets yourself before you use it.

Although, this makes perfect sense as you would only start with the weight you’re most comfortable with, and add more as you progress.

You wouldn’t want to put it straight on with the maximum weight.

Makes you look like a law enforcement agent

You have to admit, wearing the weighted vest it without it being covered does make you look like a member of the SWAT team.

This isn’t specific to this brand though.

It doesn’t matter which weighted vest you buy, it will make you look this way unless it’s covered with an over garment or used indoors.

The CAP Barbell Adjustable weighted vest is currently available at variable price levels, depending on the weight level you select.

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