Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy Review

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Sometimes people want to get in shape, but they don’t have access to weights, machines, or any gadgets.

Maybe you have a gym membership or have fitness equipment at home, but you’re tired of doing the same thing all the time and you’re looking to try something different.

Sometimes injuries occur, and you may need to take a break from working out with heavy weights to rehabilitate.

If any of these situations arise, you will need to know what exercises you can do to stay or get in shape.

You will need to know how to properly target each muscle group so that you get the results you want.

If you’re dealing with any of the situations, Dr. Bret Contreras PhD, MS, CSCS has the answers you need in his book, Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy.

Features of Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy

  • Full-color anatomical illustrations
  • Training advice and step by step instructions
  • Teaches you to train without fitness machines, weights, or fitness equipment.
  • Teaches you how to target each muscle group.
  • 156 body weight exercises

Is Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy Worth Buying?

Dr. Bret Contreras PhD, MS, CSCS is also known as the “Glute Guy” because he has helped so many people build and strengthen their glutes (butt).

He has trained both everyday people and athletes. He consults with many athletic teams and athletes to help them learn how to effectively build their body using only their bodyweight as resistance.

He speaks and writes about strength and conditioning, and he’s an expert in the field.

Dr. Contreras also designed a hip thrusting station so that his clients and others could properly perform the hip thrust, one of the most effective glute exercises.

Now that you’ve learned a little bit about the author of this awesome book, it’s time to learn about the book.

Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy is an in-depth look at body weight strength training using step by step instructions and full color anatomical illustrations to help you target specific muscles and perform exercises properly.

The training advice in this book can be trusted because it is given by an expert in bodyweight strength training, muscle building, and conditioning.

This book will teach you how to train without weights or other equipment by providing you with 156 body weight exercises, step by step instructions on how to properly perform them, and full color pictures showing positions and muscles that need to be targeted during the exercise.

After reading this book, you will have a much better understanding of your body and what it’s capable of doing without having to rely on weights or other fitness equipment.

The one complaint from those purchasing this book, was that they would like there to be even more illustrations.

Even with this complaint, customers are overwhelmingly happy with the book and the information found within.

Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy is a great book for anyone needing to take time away from the gym or for anyone who doesn’t have access to a gym.

It’s perfect for those wanting to learn how to push their bodies to get stronger and stay that way.

If you are rehabilitating, this book can help you find exercises that you can safely perform.

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