The Critical Basics Of Getting Abs

Follow this writer on Instagram One of the biggest mistakes most people make is focusing too much on direct ab exercises, like crunches. Sure, you need to work …

Things To Consider When Drawing Up A Fitness Program

The training program you create or use depends on your definition of peak physical fitness and your goals. For example, if you want to have great overall …

3 Basic Things That All Bodybuilders Follow

How much you eat each day is up to you and your approach. Many athletes follow the Zone Diet or a Paleo Diet. The Zone is very regimented and you control how …

Muscle Building – Doing The Basic Right And Heavy Lifting

If you have been told that to build muscle you need to do light weights and many, many repetitions then you’ve been lied to. The only way to build muscle …

Muscle Fiber Ratios And How To Apply Them

The muscles in our bodies are comprised of several different types of fibers. They are generally lumped into two broad categories – slow twitch and fast …


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