Body Xtreme Fitness Whole Body 3D Vibration Platform Review

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The Body Xtreme Fitness Vibration Platform is a very unique exercise tool.

Basically, what you do is stand on the vibrating platform, pick your setting, and then do different exercises with the aid of the vibrating platform.

So, for example, you may choose to do yoga stances while on the vibrating platform.

This not only exercises the top part of your body, but it also ensures that your leg muscles get exercise as well.

The added difficulty of doing the exercises while on the vibration pad only adds to their effectiveness.

This is just one example of how you can use the Body Xtreme Fitness Vibration Platform, but it’s hardly the only way.

Key Features

  • Comes equipped with resistance bands to improve upper body strength
  • Improves your balance, your circulation, helps you lose weight and strengthens your muscles
  • Anti-slip mat equipped with four suction cups for added stability
  • Four different adjustable settings

Is The Body Xtreme Fitness Whole Body 3D Vibration Platform Worth Your Money?

One of the best things about this exercise tool is its versatility.

It doesn’t matter what kind of exercise that you like to do, you can do it while on this vibration platform.

Like weightlifting? You can do that on the platform. Like aerobics? You can do that on the platform.

Do you want to just stand still?

Well, then vibration platform will still help you lose weight and strengthen your muscles.

Another great feature is the added resistance bands that can be attached to the vibrating platform.

These allow you to get a comprehensive workout that strengthens both your upper and lower body while burning tremendous amounts of fat.

If you don’t like them, you don’t have to use them, and they can be easily removed.

The settings on the Body Xtreme are very easy to change on the fly.

If you find that one of the vibration settings is too high or too low for you, then you can easily change the settings without even getting off the platform.

You just have to use the included remote to change the settings.

There are four different settings to choose from, so you have a good amount of variety and customizability.

The only real downside to this is its cost.

Obviously, the exact cost is going to vary, but it’s still going to be fairly expensive.

It’s definitely worth the cost, but it’s still something worth mentioning.

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