BlenderBottle ProStak System Review

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The BlenderBottle ProStak system takes water bottle technology to a completely new level. While this blender bottle is perfect for storing all manner of liquids, it also makes shakes and provides storage for powders, pills, supplements, and more. So, if you’re a serious athlete or fitness enthusiast looking for a water bottle, keep reading to find out more about this one-of-a-kind BlenderBottle.

Features of the BlenderBottle ProStak System

Like any quality water bottle, the BlenderBottle ProStak System is BPA-free, has a large holding capacity, cleans easily, delivers smooth shakes, and features a Leak-proof lid. And these are not even the best qualities of the BlenderBottle! It goes a step further to include 3 key features that make it a great pick from the rest. These include:

• Expandable Design

At 22 ounces, this BlenderBottle can meet the required capacity of most trainers. However, if you need more capacity, the bottle comes with 2 interlocking jars (100cc and 150cc) with a twist N’ lock design that allows you to mount the jars onto the BlenderBottle. Thanks to this design, you can expand holding capacity by adding as many extra jars as you wish.

• Extra Storage

The interlocking jars have lids with pill trays that allow you to store supplements in both pill and powder form, and take them wherever you go

• BlenderBall Wire Whisk

This BlenderBottle comes with a powerful BlenderBall whisk that easily powers through stubborn powders and thick liquids (e.g. yogurt) to make super smooth shakes as well as your very own health drink blends.

Is the BlenderBottle ProStak System Worth Buying?

Other than a few cases of the lid breaking or separating prematurely, this blender bottle has received an overwhelmingly positive reaction from its users. Over 1000 users are satisfied with the bottle’s performance and love the extra storage and pill tray features. This goes to show that the BlenderBottle System is a good buy.


  • Included jars stack and lock securely to the bottle and remain intact even during vigorous shaking
  • All bottle compartments are dishwasher safe
  • The bottle’s expandable design allows you to carry everything from powders, to pills, to blended health drinks all at once or separately
  • The BlenderBall wire whisk is rust-resistant and does not chip off
  • Attaching interlocking jars to bottle is done by simply making a quarter turn


  • Produces a terrible smell when shakes are stored in the bottle for too long


The combination of water bottle, blender, and storage area for supplements makes this BlenderBottle a good fit for anyone who exercises regularly. Bodybuilders can carry protein powder to make protein shakes whenever they want to, gym freaks can carry water to stay hydrated during high intensity workouts, while athletes can carry performance-enhancing supplements to training. You can even use the extra jars to store healthy snacks.

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