Top 5 Fitness Sandbags

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If you are looking for a simple, yet surprisingly effective exercise tool, then you can’t go wrong with a high-quality sandbag.

Sandbags are very simple to use, but if you know what you are doing, then you can use them to exercise a wide variety of muscle groups (far more than you would typically exercise when using something like a dumbbell).

However, if you don’t pick the right sandbag, then you are in for a bad time.

A poorly made sandbag will break easily, leak sand, and just generally be ineffective.

With this in mind, you will see 5, really high-quality sandbags in this review article that you can trust to deliver good performance.

1) Brute Force Sandbags

Key Features

  • Various color, weight, and size options to choose from.
  • 4 different sets of handles all around the bag for versatility.
  • Extremely reliable and durable.
  • Reinforced stitching to prevent sand from leaking.

If you are looking for some really high-quality sandbags, then you can’t go wrong with Brute Force Sandbags.

They offer a large amount of choice when it comes to the color, the size, and weight of the sandbag that you will end up using.

This is good because it lets you heavily customize the workout that you get.

Having multiple colors is helpful if you plan on buying multiple sandbags and want to be able to quickly distinguish between the various sandbags.

The actual sandbags themselves are really well-made. They have multiple handles so you can lift the sandbags from any angle; this makes it possible to use.

The stitching on the Brute Force sandbags is also really well-done. It is reinforced to help prevent leaking.

2) Hyperwear SandBell Heavy Duty Sandbags for Fitness

Key Features

  • Soft grip.
  • Comes pre-filled with sand.
  • Size options ranging from 2 lbs. to 50 lbs.
  • Durable neoprene exterior.

Whereas Brute Force Sandbags are shaped like large duffle bags, Hyperwear SandBell Heavy Duty Sandbags are shaped more like regular weights (the kind you would put on a barbell).

So, they are good for doing certain kinds of routines that the Brute Force Sandbags were too big to do properly. A good example would be something like sit-ups.

You can use these small sandbags to add some resistance to your regular sit-up routine.

The exterior of the sandbags is made from very soft neoprene.

That is a type of synthetic rubber that is both comfortable and durable.

So, you don’t have to worry about your sandbags ripping and all the sand leaking out. Speaking of sand, it should also be said that these sandbags do come pre-filled, which is very convenient.

3) Garage Fit Heavy Duty Workout Sandbags

Key Features

  • Comes in 3 different sizes.
  • Each bag comes with 3 liners for precise filling.
  • Comfortable rubber handles.
  • Durable exterior.

The Garage Fit Heavy Duty Workout Sandbags are a pricey, but very high-quality sandbag option.

Each bag is very well-crafted, with comfortable rubber handles located on each side of the bag and a very durable exterior to prevent sand from leaking out.

Likewise, it also comes with helpful features like liners, which make filling up a sandbag to the precise weight that you want a lot easier.

It would be nice if the bigger bags came with more liners (you only get 3, regardless of what size you end up choosing), but that is a minor issue that doesn’t detract too much from the quality of the bag.

4) Synergee Adjustable Fitness Sandbag

Key Features

  • Two weight options (10-40 lbs. and 25-100 lbs.).
  • Durable exterior made from tough, waterproof nylon.
  • 6 different handles.
  • Comes with 4 filler bags to make getting a precise weight easier.

The Synergee Adjustable Fitness Sandbag is probably the best overall sandbag on this entire list.

That’s not to say the other entries have been bad, but the Synergee really is head and shoulders above the rest.

For starters, it has an extremely durable outer shell that is made from waterproof nylon. It has 6 different handles so you can use it for a bunch of different exercise routines.

Filling up the bag is easy because it comes with 4 “filler bags,” each weight 25 lbs.

This makes it a lot easier to get the sandbag up to your desired weight.

You can pick from one of two weight options, a 10-40 lbs. option and a 25-100 lbs. option. A bit more choice would have been nice, but it isn’t a major issue.

5) RDX Sandbag

Key Features

  • Duffle bag shape.
  • Able to be used both indoors and outdoors with ease.
  • Handles located on top and sides.
  • Zippers on the sides make filling with sand easy.
  • Various weight options to pick from.

To end off this list, let’s take a look at the RDX Sandbag.

This is a standard, duffle bag-style sandbag. You pick the weight option that you want (the weight options range from as low as 5KG to as high as 25KG).

The sandbags are very easy to use.

There are handles on the top and on the sides, so you can do a wider array of exercise routines with the bags.

If you want to empty out sand or add more in, then doing so is as easy as quickly opening the pouch on either side, pouring the sand in, and then sealing it with the zipper.

This sandbag makes making on the fly weight adjustments easy.

In terms of durability, you shouldn’t have any issues with the RDX Sandbag. The exterior is well-made and if you are careful with it, it shouldn’t tear.

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