Beachbody CIZE Dance Workout Base Kit Review

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Can you imagine, dancing, enjoying yourself, having the time of your life, while at the same time – burning fat, dropping calories, and sculpting the perfect body?

Well it is possible if you follow the new dance workout program CIZE Dance Workout, developed by Sean T of INSANITY and FOCUS T25 fame.

You can literally learn full dance routines and moves from a professional choreographer over a 30 day program, while gaining health and fitness results, as well as dropping those pounds.

CIZE Dance Workout comes with 6 dance courses and 1 “abs” workout on 3 DVD’s:

  1. Crazy 8s
  2. You Got This
  3. Full Out
  4. In The Pocket
  5. Go For It
  6. 8 Count Abs Workout

Also included:

  • Get Started Guide
  • Eat Up! Meal Plan
  • Beginner and Advanced Calendar
  • Weekend Survival Guide

If you’re looking for a workout that “sticks”,  then this could be the one.

It is important to always look at what you believe you’ll be consistent with when it comes to selecting a workout routine.

Persistence is very important, and your results all hang on that moment when things start to get a little boring, when the desire for watching Netflix far outweighs that of working out – whether you choose to continue the workout program for its duration, or quit.

A fun workout can and will work in your favor.

If it’s something you enjoy doing, you’re more likely to keep at it. If, when you ask yourself “do I really want to work out today?”, you think of Sean T and CIZE, and say “Yes!” then you’re going to do well.

You’re much more likely to complete the program, lose that excess flubber, and feel great about yourself.

What do buyers say about CIZE Dance Workout?

We’ll start with the negatives.

Some downsides mentioned are outdated music, 3 to 5 minutes routines are too short, and Sean T moves too fast for people to learn the moves.

However, these negatives are BURIED by all the other positive comments.

One of the most helpful reviews was from a guy in his 50’s, who loved the workouts, lost 11 pounds, and comments that he felt great after each workout rather than drained and achy as with other standard gym routines.

A lot of other people commented how the CIZE routine doesn’t feel like a workout (a good thing), how fun each workout session is, and recommend it to people who love to dance.

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