Baleaf Women’s 8″ High Waist Tummy Control Workout Yoga Shorts Review

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You’ve probably bought a lot of yoga shorts over the years, but none of them are as good as the Baleaf.

Key Features

  • Completely non-see-through fabric.
  • Moisture-wicking fabric prevents the shorts from becoming drenched.
  • Specially designed crotch area to provide maximum freedom of movement.
  • Provides maximum coverage while bending and stretching.
  • Comes with multiple pockets for mobile phone storage.

Are The Baleaf Women’s Yoga Shorts Worth Your Money?

There are so many good things to say about these yoga shorts.

Let’s begin by talking about how breathable these shorts are.

You don’t have to worry about your body overheating when wearing these shorts because the material is so good at letting air pass through.

Likewise, the material is also designed for “moisture-wicking.” This means that if you start sweating, the moisture won’t soak the material.

The sweat will be moved to the outer layer, so you don’t have to worry about excessive sweating in certain sensitive areas.

Another amazing aspect of these yoga shorts is how they don’t constrict your movement at all.

The crotch is gusseted to help give you the greatest freedom of movement possible, while still retaining that tightness that you expect from yoga shorts.

A lot of yoga shorts suffer from the issue of not providing enough coverage when you bend over or stretch in certain ways.

Now, you may not be particularly self-conscious, but it’s probably safe to say that you don’t want to accidentally reveal too much while exercising.

This isn’t a problem that you have to worry about when wearing the Baleaf yoga shorts.

No matter what you’re doing, it always provides a good amount of coverage.

You never have to worry about it slipping at all. So, you can feel completely confident while doing stretches or while bending.

Finally, one also has to mention the Baleaf’s pockets.

It may seem like a minor point, but the pockets do end up coming in very handy in many different situations. The yoga shorts have two smaller pockets on each side.

The smaller pockets can store most smartphones.

If you need even more storage space, there is a helpful larger pocket that’s actually hidden inside the shorts.

Again, this may seem like something very minor, but you should underestimate how useful this storage space can be.

If you want a great pair of yoga shorts, then make sure that you pick up a pair of the Baleaf yoga shorts before your next workout.

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