What Do I Need to Wear and Bring to a Yoga Class?

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If you’re headed off to your first yoga class, you are undoubtedly excited about all the possibilities.

With all of the benefits of yoga, people of all ages and backgrounds are jumping into the trend and using it as a way to lose weight, tone up, and build balance and flexibility.

Whatever your goals may be, though, you might be wondering what you should plan on bringing to the class.

Here’s a short guide to help you.

1) Wear The Right Clothes

The most important thing is that you dress appropriately for the class.

You are going to need to wear stretchy athletic clothing that is breathable.

Tighter clothing will allow the instructor and yourself to really check your form and make sure you are doing all of the moves correctly.

But, you don’t have to go skin-tight if you aren’t comfortable with that. At the same time, try to avoid super baggy and oversized clothing.

A tank top or t-shirt paired with shorts, leggings or well-fitted workout pants will be ideal.

2) Bring A Bag

You might be find wearing your workout clothes into the session, but if you’re going to a cardio style yoga class or one where you know you’re going to work up a sweat, you probably want to bring a bag with you. In the bag, include a change of clothes so that you can get into a comfortable outfit after class.

If the place has a shower, you might want to bring some toiletries to wash up before you drive home.

But, that part is up to you.

3) Stay Hydrated

Bringing a water bottle is a must.

They may have a water fountain at the studio, but you definitely want to be prepared in case they don’t.

Always bring a water bottle that is filled to the brim before your class

Take a water break before your session and after.

If you need to drink something during, don’t hesitate. Hydration is always the most important thing for your health and safety.

4) Ask About The Mat

Some yoga studios will provide you with a mat to use during class.

Otherwise, you might have to bring your own.

Always ask so that you have proper padding on the floor before you arrive at the session.

Some studios will rent or sell you a mat on the spot, but it’s best to be prepared.

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