Aqua Fitness Exercise Set Review – 6 Piece Water Exercise Aerobic Belt, Barbells and Workout Routine

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The problem with so many exercise programs is how you feel during and after practicing them. A lot of exercises are high impact. That can mean aches and pains in your back, shoulders, arms, legs and joints. When you relate pain to exercise, you avoid it. High impact exercises can also lead to physical injuries, meaning you end up missing important workout sessions. That’s why the Aqua Fitness Exercise Set was developed – to alleviate the stress and pressure your body undergoes when working out. Let’s hop in the pool and try it out ourselves.

Aqua Fitness Exercise Set Features and Specs

* Includes dumbbells, belt, gloves and exercise program
* Adjustable to fit all sizes
* Extremely portable
* Perfect for rehabilitation scenarios
* Holds you in a comfortable vertical position in the water

What’s Hot About the Aqua Fitness Exercise Set?

The buoyancy of water is what makes this exercise program and fitness equipment so unique. For a very affordable purchase price, you receive a pair of water dumbbells, 2 exercise gloves, a buoyant exercise belt and special workout routine.

The way that the belt is designed holds you in an upright position in a body of water. It works perfectly in a lake, at the ocean, in a pond or swimming pool. This allows you to follow the workout routine without struggling to stay afloat, using the weighted dumbbells along with upper and lower body movements to exercise.

Swimming has for decades been recognized as the “perfect” exercise. This is because the water supports your body, removing all of the dangerous stress and impact which typical exercises force your body to endure. This workout program and equipment take advantage of that same buoyant benefit.

No matter what your fitness level, the Aqua Fitness Exercise Set makes a lot of sense. If you are just starting out a workout program, rehabilitating from an injury, or simply want to reduce the stress, aches and pains usually associated with exercise, this inexpensive workout program and equipment deserve your consideration.

Why It’s Not so Hot

If you have over a 42 inch waist, the special exercise belt is not large enough. Also, the foam dumbbells (which create resistance in the water) take some getting used to. Still, for the small investment and the benefit to your joints when working out, a worthwhile purchase overall.

(You can read actual buyer comments and reviews here)

Who Is the Aqua Fitness Exercise Set – 6 Piece Water Exercise Aerobic Belt, Barbells and Workout Routine Perfect For?

This is a smart exercise purchase if you enjoy water aerobics. It also makes sense for people rehabbing from an injury or medical condition. This is the perfect purchase for anyone who does not want to spend a lot of money working out, and wants to minimize the aches and pains which traditional exercise causes due to high impact stress on your body.

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