AmazonBasics 40-Pound Adjustable Weight Set with Case Review

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If you want to add resistance training to your workout without having to visit the gym, then it’s advisable to invest in some free weights. A great place to start would be with the AmazonBasics 40-lbs weight set. This set comes with several plates that fit inside a storage case, and every component from the barbells to the weight plates and fastening collars are all made of steel. The plates have a gloss finish that not only improves aesthetics, but also ensures rust and maintenance free use.

Features of the AmazonBasics 40-lbs Adjustable Weight Set with Case

This 40-lbs weight set from AmazonBasics comes with all of the features that you would expect from a good pair of free weights.

  • To begin with, the 14-inch wide barbells feature a textured surface. You can easily your hands between the plates and the textured grip allows for safe and comfortable holding, whether you use weight-training gloves or your bar hands.
  • This set comes with removable plates that allow you to choose the right amount of weight for your routine. The set includes four large plates weighing 5lbs each, four smaller ones weighing 2.5lbs apiece, four 0.5lbs threaded collars, and two barbells with 4lbs of weight each.

Is the AmazonBasics 40-lbs Adjustable Weight Set with Case Worth Buying?

The Amazon Basics 40-lbs weight set is a great choice for both beginners and intermediate weight lifters who want to stay in shape from home but don’t have the space or money to buy a full set of traditional dumbbells. In terms of pros and cons, here’s what you need to know about this weight set.


  • Interchangeable weight plates allow you to adjust the intensity of your lifts.
  • Both the bars and collars are threaded to secure all plates and prevent injury.
  • Weight set fits snuggly in carry case for easy storage and transportation.
  • Textured steel bars enhance your grip.
  • All metal design makes these weights ideal for indoor and outdoor use.


  • The weight plates are not standard-sized. This makes it difficult to find additional weights.
  • AmazonBasics doesn’t sell additional weights, which might force you to buy two complete sets if you want more than 20lbs on each barbell. Alternatively, you could opt for weight plates designed by a different company. Standard or Exercise plates fit the barbells, but they have to be well drilled.
  • Although the product name claims that this is a 40-lbs weight set, you only get half of that weight in each hand. Stacking the plates on one barbell would only give you 35lbs to lift, because removing one barbell and two collars deducts 5lbs.


These dumbbells are easy to store, stylish, made to last, and allow you to vary the intensity of your workouts without compromising on safety. And while they may have a few drawbacks, you still get good value for the asking price.

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