Acc U Rate Premium Fingertip Pulse Monitor Review

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Med Shop & Beyond is a popular supplier of pulse oximeters, devices used to measure levels of oxygen in the blood. They offer several blood-oxygen measuring units to cater for different users. Their 430DL Acc U Rate Premium pulse oximeter boasts the highest accuracy levels yet, with only +/-1 margin of error. Unlike its predecessor, the CMS 500D Pro Series, this particular model does not have sound or alarm function. That notwithstanding, it still features most of the great functions we have to expect from Acc U Rate pulse oximeters. Here is a quick 430DL Acc U Rate Premium Fingertip Pulse Monitor review to help you learn more.

Features of the Acc U Rate Premium Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

When you order the Acc U Rate 430DL pulse oximeter, it comes with the packaging box, two AA batteries, carry case, instruction manual and lanyard for attaching it on your wrist. To use the device, simply press the power button and stick your finger between the sensors. Oxygenated and non-oxygenated hemoglobin differ in color. Therefore, sensors on the other side detect LED light sent through the finger and then use that data to measure levels of blood oxygen. The readings are interpreted on a digital display, which makes it easy to use the pulse oximeter. Features of this device provide both convenience and ease of use. The major functions include:

Intuitive digital display

Taking readings is easy with the multi-color digital display. Blood oxygen saturation along with pulse rate labels appear in yellow while corresponding readings display in blue digits against a black background. Users can adjust the OLED brightness to make it even easier to read the pulse oximeter in a dark environment. In addition, you can tweak the orientation of readings on the display to view them in a different layout depending on your preferences.

Portable design

Weighing under 3 ounces and about the size of a mini pager, the 430DL Acc U Rate pulse oximeter is very portable. The carry case and lanyard strap provided lend users convenience when using the device on the go.

Error detection plethysmograph

The blue graph on the display represents a heartbeat, with wave amplitude corresponding to blood flow. In case of poor blood flow, the wave pattern will not rise high enough. Users can detect this while looking at the plethysmograph and simply reposition the finger to improve blood perfusion to get readings that are more reliable.

Is the Acc U Rate Premium Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Worth Buying?

Anyone in need of measuring blood oxygen levels and pulse rate will find the 430DL Acc U Rate pulse oximeter very handy. This may include asthmatics or even sports enthusiast like bikers, mountain climbers, and skiers. The device is recommended for ages 12 and above. It has received stellar buyer reviews and ratings, which just goes to show the level of quality to expect.


  • Provides up to 40hrs battery life
  • Comes in a convenient carry pouch
  • Easy to use multi-directional and colored digital display
  • Auto shutoff feature turns off device while it is not in use to save battery life
  • Protective silicone cover around the device has a rubber-like texture, which improves grip and absorbs shock in case you drop the oximeter
  • Exceeds CE and FDA accuracy standards for oximeters


  • Nail polish may alter oximeter readings
  • The device requires battery changes once in a while

Overall, the 430DL Acc U Rate pulse rate oximeter is a well-built medical device and fitness product. It has a high accuracy level, easy to use controls and a compact design for easy carrying. The best part is that you don’t have to spend a lot, as this pulse monitor is an inexpensive item.

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