Abdominal Exercises You Must Do To Make Abs “Pop” Out

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Getting a six pack is not an easy task. In fact, that is why less than 2 percent of the world’s population is lean enough to show off a six pack.

A clean wholesome diet and the correct exercises are the cornerstones of developing a ripped, washboard stomach. Many people mistakenly do hundreds of sit-ups thinking that these will automatically make them get abs of steel.

In most cases, there is no visible result and they resign themselves to a fate of having an unattractive midsection. The truth of the matter is that to see your abs, you should perform exercises that work the entire body. After those workouts, you may give about 10 to 15 minutes of attention to your abs.

Compound exercises have your name written all over them. The beauty about compound exercises is that they work several muscle groups. So, your entire body gets a workout and your muscles get bigger and stronger overall.

Full body workouts also boost your metabolic rate and make you a fat burning machine. This is crucial for six pack abs. You must burn off your fat stores till your body is at a single digit bodyfat percentage, if you’re a man (6-9%)… and if you’re a female, your bodyfat percentage should be around 11% to 13% for the lean, toned look.

Deadlifts, lunges, squats, burpees, snatches, renegade rows, pull-ups, jump squats, bench presses are all excellent exercises for developing your abs.

You’re probably thinking… “But they don’t even target my abs?”

That’s true… but these are the exercises that will burn off the fat to expose your abs in all their glory. If you do not burn off the fat first, you will never see your abs despite all the ab workouts you do.

Developing your abs without burning your fat is like lighting a candle but placing a cup over it. You will never see the light.

Once you have made it a habit to incorporate compound exercises in your workouts, and you notice your fat levels dropping, you may do exercises to specifically target your abs.

You may do planks, TRX exercises, hanging leg raises, cable rotations, Swiss ball rollouts, ab wheel rollouts, barbell Russian twists, Swiss ball crunches, medicine ball Russian twists, seated knee tucks and so on.

The above exercises alone have enough variety to get you shredded abs. That’s basically all there is to it.

Use compound exercises in a full body workout to burn off your fat to very low levels. Then target your abs with ab specific exercises. You may be surprised to see that you will not even need to do ab exercises because the compound exercises indirectly work your abs and strengthen your core too.

Do note that just like any muscle, your abs should get a day or two of rest between ab workouts. This will allow them time to heal and get stronger.

Follow the advice in this article and you will be doing exactly the exercises that are requisite for head turning abs. If you do not know how to do any of the exercises mentioned, you may Google them or go on YouTube and check for demonstrations.

Stay the course and persist. Abs take time to develop and time to appear… but they’re worth the wait. Keep at it.

How to Make Your Abs “Pop”?


Many men who want a six pack are aiming for the bulging abs look. They don’t want a lean stomach that shows the cuts. No no… they want big, rounded abs that the women can run their fingers over.

That’s the difference between Brad Pitt’s abs in the movie Fight Club and a bodybuilder’s abs. Brad’s abs were visible because he was lean. The bodybuilder’s abs are not only visible, but are chiseled and have a 3 dimensional quality.

Ripped, prominent abs are the epitome of fitness. At least that’s what the general public assumes. So, if you want a midsection that turns heads at the beach, you will definitely want abs that bulge and shout for attention.

To achieve these impressive abs, you will need to do ab workouts with added resistance and weights.

You should note that you will not see your abs unless your bodyfat levels are low. Your first goal should be to burn off as much bodyfat as you can till you reach a bodyfat of about 8% or 9%. By then, you will be able to see your abs. Even if they are flat and not prominent, at least you will have the cut and the abs will be visible.

Now you are ready to give your abs the undivided attention they deserve.

When you are lean, your arms will look toned and your shoulder muscles will look more defined. This 3D effect is because your bodyfat levels are low. However, while your arms may be defined, the biceps and triceps may not be big.

The only way to make the muscles bigger will be to do bicep and tricep curls. By progressively increasing the load or resistance, your muscles will be forced to cope with the demands. They will increase in size and strength.

This exact principle applies to your abs.

Initially when you’re training your abs, you may do planks or hanging leg raises. You may do Swiss ball rollouts or ab wheel rollouts.

However, after some time, these workouts while effective, will stop having an impact on your abs. That’s because they are using your bodyweight to create resistance. Your body being the marvelous organism that it is has adapted and is more than capable of handling the load and resistance of your bodyweight.

So what do you do now?

Simple… you add more weight.

If you’re doing hanging leg raises, use ankle weights. If that is too easy, clasp a medicine ball between your ankles and raise your legs. The weight will make your ab muscles burn and they’ll be forced to cope with the new demands. The end result over a period of time will be bigger and more prominent abs.

You may add resistance to most ab exercises with a little bit of imagination.

Doing crunches? Hold a weight plate behind your ear.

Ab wheel rollouts? Wear a haversack with a few weight plates in it.

Swiss ball crunches? Hold a weight plate with both hands in front of you with your abs outstretched. Now do those crunches… phew! A whole different workout.

Just by adding weight and resistance gradually over time, your abs will grow and get stronger. You will have the type of abs that so many people want but so few have. The pain and sweat that you endured will give you bragging rights. Keep that in mind when you’re slogging it out cursing the pain in your abs.

Nobody ever drowned in sweat. Keep going.

Do You Have Enough Muscles to See Your Abs?


Many men often struggle burning the last layer of fat on their midsection despite their most valiant efforts. They cut the calories, they eat right, they train like mad… yet the fat just won’t disappear and they don’t have a clue why.

Why can’t they see their abs? Why is it so difficult?

The reason for this is muscle mass.

One of the secrets of seeing your abs is to train the major muscle groups in your body. Train your legs, back and chest. These are huge muscle groups. As long as you train your lower body hard, you will melt the fat on your body much more easily.

Muscles require more calories for maintenance. That means, the bigger your muscles, the more calories are burned for maintenance. In other words, you are burning more calories at rest. That makes it much easier to get lean and stay lean.

Many men just can’t see their six pack because they do not have enough muscle mass. If this is the case with you, stop trying to bring your fat levels down for now. Instead, embark on a muscle building program.

It is inevitable that you will gain some fat. However, you will also gain a sizeable chunk of muscle. After about 6 months of muscle building, you may start cutting the fat again. Now that your body has more muscle mass, it will burn more calories.

It will break through the barrier that has been hindering you. The muscle will tap into fat stores for fuel and maintenance processes and thereby making you leaner with no extra effort on your part.

It is worth noting that you should always consume enough protein so that your muscles have sufficient protein to work with. If you cut your calories and neglect your protein intake, your muscles will break down and you’ll be back to square one.

So, how do you build your muscles?

Don’t make the mistake of focusing only on show muscles such as your biceps and chest. Many beginners do this.

You want to focus on doing squats, dips, bench presses, deadlifts, core exercises (planks, renegade rows), snatches, etc. As long as you’re working your back and legs, you will be developing more muscle.

Of course, you may devote some time to your biceps and triceps to please the girls. Yet, your focus should remain on your abs. You’re building your muscles not to  become more muscular overall. That is just a secondary goal.

That is just a secondary goal. You’re building more muscle to burn more calories to get your abs. Once you get your abs, you can completely focus on building a muscular body.

Don’t put the cart before the horse. There are far too many men with muscular arms and chests but no visible abs. This is the reason why.

Get your abs first, and then build the rest. In a way, it’s like doing the cha-cha. Sometimes you need to take 2 steps forward and sometimes two steps back. This is the way it is. There is a degree of trial and error involved but it is part and parcel of getting your abs.

It will take time… but the time is going to pass anyway. At least, you will have rock solid abs after the time has passed. That’s definitely worth the time.

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