7 Weight Loss Diet Tricks That You Should Use

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Weight loss is tough. Do not let the weight loss commercials or the headlines in fitness magazines fool you. It is next to impossible to lose 15 pounds in 2 weeks through diet and exercise alone. No weight loss pill or 7 minute abs exercise can give you such results.

Most weight loss pills are marketed with more hype than hope. People falsely believe that you can actually lose weight by eating something else. Nobody wants to go through the trouble of watching their diet or exercising regularly. Everybody wants the easy way out.

There is no easy way out as far as weight loss is concerned. Even with surgical procedures such as liposuction, etc. the fat always returns because only the symptom has been addressed and not the cause. The cause of weight gain in most people is a lax diet and a sedentary lifestyle.

If you can follow a diet that is healthy and wholesome while being on a caloric deficit, that’s more than half the battle won. You cannot exercise away a bad diet. Many people think that they can work off an ice-cream or a doughnut by hitting the treadmill. In most cases, their progress will stagnate.

So, make sure your diet is good and you are exercising regularly to boost your metabolic rate and burn off those calories. If you can do those, use the 7 tricks below to give you the additional edge and shed even more fat in the same time period.

1. Consume lots of water. Your body needs water to metabolize the fat and it also helps to hydrate your body and keep you feeling energetic. Carry around a water bottle with you and take sips from it whenever you can.

2. Go on a low carb or zero carb diet on alternate days (Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun). Engage in high-intensity training on these days so that the body burns its fat stores for fuel since there are no carbs to burn.

3. Have only one or two cheat meals a week. In this way, you will be able to satiate your cravings without compromising your fat loss goals.

4. Walk for 30 minutes every morning upon waking. You should walk at a moderate pace. Do not exert too much. Your goal is to burn some fat since your glycogen levels are low in the morning. If you exert too much, you will end up burning muscle and sabotaging yourself.

5. Consume 1 or 2 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil daily. While coconut oil is calorie dense, it is an excellent source of fats and quickly assimilated by the body. It has also been shown to make you leaner and healthier.

6. Eat your carbs early in the day or just after a workout. In this way, your body will burn off the carbs and when you hit the sack, your body will use fat as fuel for all the body’s normal maintenance processes.

7. Consume lots of cruciferous vegetables for the fiber which will help to clear your digestive system and make it function optimally.

By using these 7 tricks, you will be able to get the best out of your diet and training. Every little trick counts when you’re trying to shed the fat fast.

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