10,000 Steps Weight Loss DVD Review

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Walking is one of the easiest ways to start being physically active.

If you walk on a regular basis and practice good nutrition, it is even possible to lose some weight. Whether you are into walking for weight loss or plan to make this activity your main fitness routine, it is important to make the most out of your workouts.

One way to achieve that is by getting Jessica Smiths’ walking exercise workout DVD titled, 10,000 Steps Weight Loss – Walk On: 5 Fat Burning Miles.

Jessica Smith has gained a lot of popularity as a wellness coach, fitness instructor and certified trainer. Her lineup of workout DVDs cater for every fitness level.

This edition from the Walk On series is a fantastic choice for those who want to walk indoors.

Get the complete details on what to expect from it by reading the complete 10,000 steps weight loss review on Jessica Smith’s 5-mile Walk On series fitness DVD.

Features of the 10,000 Steps Weight Loss Walking Exercise DVD by Jessica Smith

The training video provides up to 1hour and 53minutes of workouts on DVD. You get to watch and follow choreographed steps while marching in place and performing a series of moves.

As the DVD’s title suggests, the goal of this routine is to hit the 10,000-steps mark by walking about 5miles. There are 7 routines each lasting about 15 minutes as well as 5 minute warm up and cool down sessions.

Participants have the option of completing all walks or mixing and matching segments based on preferences. In summary, the entire workout routine may be broken down in the following sections (excluding warm up and cool down).

Brain Booster Walk

This routine covers the first mile of the walk and aims to stimulate neurons in the brain. You will walk while moving arms or hands in alternating directions to the lower body.

Belly, Buns and Thighs Routine

For the second mile, you will modify your walks to combine movements that work the core and lower body. This may include steps like puddle jumps, standing knee pulls, mini-squats and other moves while standing.

Power Posture Segment

On this third mile segment, the workout focuses on moves that target the shoulders, back and upper body. Some of the moves include arm raises, swimming motions and chest expansions while walking in place.

Turbo Charged Walk

Intensity picks up on the fourth mile during the turbo charged walk, which incorporates multidirectional movements and some light jogging. As always, you can choose to skip this 13-minute segment if you have not yet built up your fitness level to take on some light running. The turbo charged walk only lasts 13 minutes and offers a great way to build cardiovascular endurance.

Boogie Down Walk

This part of the workout adds some dance-like moves to add some fun into your routine.

Bonus Walks

There are two more bonus walks each last 15 minutes. These include the Strong Knees and Hips segment as well as a Strong Feet and Ankles walk. You’ll need a bath towel and chair for these routines.

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Is Jessica Smith’s 10,000 Steps Weight Loss Walking Exercise DVD Worth Buying?

If you are using a fitness tracker to achieve a target of 10,000 steps, then this fitness DVD by Jessica Smith will go a long way in helping you reach your target. Hundreds of buyers have given it 5-start ratings on various merchant sites, an indication of how helpful the instructional workouts are. Overall, this DVD is a good pick for beginners who enjoy walking but hate the cold.


  • Customizable menu options in the DVD let you mix and match your favorite short walking routines
  • Count down timer displays on the screen to let participants know how much longer they must keep up with each routine
  • Upbeat music that matches the pace of moves
  • Encouraging words from the instructor


  • Some of the background music used in this edition is similar to songs found in past Jessica Smith walking DVDs. This can be slightly disappointing for repeat participants expecting new content, but it might not be noticeable for some people, especially if this is your first Jessica Smith fitness DVD.

The best part about Jessica Smiths 5-mile Walk On workout DVD is that it is affordable. What’s more, the routines are easy to follow and provide a full body workout.

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That being said, it is important to consult your doctor before beginning these workouts, especially if you have an injury or physical condition that demands a high level of safety during exercise.

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