Youphoria Yoga Towels Review

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Some yoga mats can become slippery while you’re using them, causing you to slide around while trying to keep your balance during your current pose.

At best, this can keep you from holding your poses as long as you need to, affecting your workout.

At worst, you can be injured from slipping around or losing your balance and falling. If you’ve dealt with a slippery yoga mat, you understand how dangerous and aggravating it can be.

Youphoria Yoga Towels are non-slip yoga towels that can be placed over a yoga mat while in use to prevent slipping.

These are great for any yoga session, but especially helpful for Bikram yoga, or hot yoga.

These yoga mat towels are also great if you use yoga mats at an exercise class or at the gym because it’ll give you a clean, bacteria-free spot to exercise.

Below you’ll learn all about Youphoria Yoga Towels and why they’re a great purchase below.

Features of the Youphoria Yoga Towels

  • Non-slip for safety during yoga or other exercise
  • Multiple colors available.
  • Made from an absorbent microfiber material.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Fits most yoga mats
  • Extends yoga mat life
  • Machine washable
  • Makes a great gift

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Are the Youphoria Yoga Towels Worth Buying?

Youphoria Yoga Towels are well-made yoga towels that fit over most yoga mats and help extend their life while protecting you from injuries and bacteria.

These yoga towels will protect your yoga mat by reducing friction directly on the mat.

They will give keep you from slipping around, so you won’t be injured during your workout.

They will also form a barrier between you and the yoga mat, giving you a clean, bacteria-free surface.

This is especially important if you use a yoga mat that’s not yours at the gym, exercise class, or community center.

The Youphoria Yoga Towels are made from an absorbent, microfiber material.

These towels can absorb seven times its weight in water, so you’ll always have a safe, clean, dry surface for yoga.

After using your yoga towel, you can throw it right in the washer because it’s machine washable. That’s much easier than having to sanitize your yoga mat after each use.

One problem that has been reported by customers is that there could be color leakage from the towel onto your yoga mat.

This is especially troublesome if you have a light-colored yoga mat, but there is an easy fix.

Before using this yoga towel, it is important to machine wash to get any excess dyes out of the towel.

After being washed, there should be no more color bleeding.

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This yoga mat comes in a variety of color combinations, and it would make an excellent gift for anyone who loves yoga or anyone who uses a yoga mat for floor exercises.

If you’re looking for a great gift for someone who loves yoga, or you’re looking for a yoga towel for yourself, Youphoria Yoga Towels are a great option. They’re well-made, durable, and priced well.

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