Younger Next Year: The Exercise Program Review

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Looking for a good book that reveals how to look younger, stay healthy and maintain strength even as age catches up with you? Well, “Younger Next Year: The Exercise Program” health book could just be what you need.

Written by Dr. Henry S. Lodge and Chris Crowley, this sequel to the previous New York Times bestseller, “Younger Next Year: A Guide to Living Like 50 Until You’re 80 and Beyond”, also shares insightful information on workouts from the “Thinner Next Year” health book. It promotes vigorous exercise as a way to defy aging and enjoy better health in your golden years.

Features of Younger Next Year the Exercise Program

The beauty about this book is that the authors educate readers on the importance of exercise and the benefits that come with it while at the same time they provide the much-needed motivation to start a workout regimen that one can commit to for life. Dr. Lodge covers the science aspects of why doing certain things helps to slow down aging. On the other hand, 80-year old Chris Crowley, who also happens to be a patient of Dr. Lodge, tackles how to apply the provided information.

Readers can choose to get either the kindle or paperback version of this 176-page tome, which covers aspects such as:

  • An introduction to dynamic warm-ups and why they are better than traditional stretching exercises
  • Benefits of cardio workouts and how to design a regimen that works for you
  • Importance of resistance training and tips for starting core strengthening workouts without overexerting your back
  • The right way to calculate heart rate effectively
  • 25-exercise rituals that will form the backbone of your strength-training regimen for life
  • Making better food choices
  • Emotional lifestyle issues on topics such as relationships, general outlook on life and commitment to purpose

Is Younger Next Year: The Exercise Program Health Book Worth Buying?

This health book is an insightful read for middle-aged individuals looking to stay healthy and young as old age approaches. Although it is targeted at readers in the 50s and above, the content can be very helpful for anyone looking to get into shape.


  • Available in both Kindle and paperback versions
  • For the Kindle edition, Word Wise makes it easy to learn difficult words and readers can opt for a version meant for devices with larger displays
  • The authors provide advice on how to stay younger based on proven scientific methods
  • Written in a conversational style that makes reading fun and engaging
  • The book not only talks about reversing aging through good nutrition and exercise, it also provides sound advice on emotions and connecting with others


  • For those who are modestly familiar with physical fitness and good nutrition, the book does not teach anything new. Nonetheless, the authors provide good motivation to start a lifetime workout routine.

Younger Next Year: The Exercise Program is a life-changing book that has had a positive impact on the lives of many people. For the most part, readers who reviewed this book credit the authors for having come up with a good read that is both educational and inspirational. So, if you are looking to defy aging and live your life with newfound vibrancy, confidence, and joy, then this book is worth reading.

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