Yoga Backpack Mat Bag by Gecko Active Review

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Gecko Active has a reputation for providing high-quality products for the sports and active outdoor market, and their new Yoga Backpack Mat Bag is no different. Boasting an impressive 21.5 liter capacity, the backpack has a number of compartments for your laptop, valuables and water bottle. Its comfort strap includes a quick release buckle for convenience and the backpack is incredibly durable and made from waterproof nylon. This may be a backpack designed with the yoga market in mind, but this really is the perfect backpack for any outdoor activities, from hiking to travel!

Features of the Yoga Backpack Mat Bag by Gecko Active

• Durable, nylon construction
• Waterproof
• 21.5 liter capacity
• Nylon yoga mat cover included
• 60-day refund guarantee and 1-year replacement warranty

Is the Yoga Backpack Mat Bag by Gecko Active Worth Buying?

First things first – this is a Yoga Backpack Mat Bag. It does not include a yoga mat! This is quite clearly stated in the product description, but the odd person still seems to confuse themselves. The backpack itself is tremendously well made. The main compartment is an 18-liter section, and the backpack can be worn comfortably with larger yoga mats up to 7 pounds in weight. This makes it a great backpack for men as well as women, as it can accommodate a larger mat. This sturdy and spacious design also makes the backpack popular amongst travelers and hikers.

Thanks to the comfortable strap design, the backpack is surprisingly comfortable to wear, even when loaded up to the brim. The sign of a good backpack is always that it feels much lighter over your shoulders than it does in your hands, and the Yoga Backpack Mat Bag by Gecko Active certainly achieves this. Although ideal for more rugged use, this is supposed to be a Yoga Mat Bag, and it’s welcome to find that the bag has air pockets to ensure post workout clothes won’t completely stink up your bag!

With secure compartments including a padded laptop section large enough for laptops up to 13 inches, and a bottle holder for bottles up to 750ml, the Yoga Mat Backpack has plenty to offer any and all backpack users. Incredibly comfortable and extremely well made, this is a durable backpack that will quickly become your go-to bag for many an occasion. If you are looking for a new backpack, look no further.

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