“Weight Watchers Eat! Move! Play!: A Parent’s Guide for Raising Healthy, Happy Kids” Review

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Obesity is a huge problem for the world of today, and so much of our problems stem from our childhood years. These habits are not limited to what we eat, but our attitudes towards food and our routines in general life. Weight Watchers Eat! Move! Play! is the definitive healthy eating book for parents.

Not only does it include a huge amount of healthy, child friendly recipes for your kids to enjoy, but it outlines the four main aspects of a healthy lifestyle, including eating healthy, nutritious foods; developing smart eating routines; fostering a love of physical exercise and activity; and stressing the importance of having a positive body image. With many more tips, hints and eye opening facts, Weight Watchers Eat! Move! Play! is a must read for any parent raising young children.

Is Weight Watchers Eat! Move! Play!: A Parent’s Guide for Raising Healthy, Happy Kids Worth Buying?

It is all well and good looking up healthy recipes and changing the types of meals you feed to your children, but if you don’t address the other major factors that affect children’s attitudes towards food, you will find yourself facing an uphill struggle. That is what makes Weight Watchers Eat! Move! Play! so good.

While it does include some fantastic recipes that introduce nutritious foods to your children’s diets, it goes further to explain why they should be eating these foods, and what kind of eating habits are going to negatively affect their development. This is not just a diet book – this is a lifestyle book.

Some parents comment that some of the recipes included in Weight Watchers Eat! Move! Play! rely on the use of ingredients that their families won’t eat. While this is undoubtedly true, the reality is that any recipe book will present this problem. Parents need to understand the types of foods they are feeding their children, and if necessary, make some adaptions to the recipe. There is also the very real problem that children have not been exposed to many of these ingredients, and have only tasted foods that the parents themselves are happy to eat.

Weight Watchers Eat! Move! Play! challenges parents to experiment with new produce, and put together meals that the family will enjoy. It also encourages parents to include children in the planning and preparation of meals, as this further helps in developing a healthy attitude towards food.

Overall, there is nothing revolutionary here, but that does not make it a poor book. On the contrary, so many of our problems with weight as a society stem from the fact that we don’t do these basic things well. Weight Watchers Eat! Move! Play! reinforces and highlights the importance of a balanced diet with an active lifestyle, and for that reason, it is a great buy.

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