Use this Secret Technique to Burn Fat Non-Stop

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Every day, millions of people decide that they are going to lose weight and get in shape. Every day millions of other people give up on their weight loss journey and resign themselves to their fate of being overweight forever.

The reason many people quit is not because the diet is distressing or the training is too torturous. Most people give up because they feel that they are not seeing any changes for the better. The numbers on the scale do not seem to be dropping or may not be dropping fast enough.

There are several reasons for this. One of the reasons is that many people do not have a high metabolic rate and they may burn calories during their work out but once the training session is over, the fat burning tapers off and stops within an hour or so.

One way to remedy this situation will be to engage in high intensity interval training. These sessions will boost your metabolic rate and you’ll be a fat burning furnace for hours. However, many obese or overweight people will struggle with these high-intensity sessions.

It will leave them gasping for breath and aching all over. Training sessions should not feel like near-death experiences. If people dread their training sessions, they will be less inclined to stick to their training regimen. The mind will conjure up a million excuses to justify skipping a work out.

There is one secret technique that many overweight people will benefit from. It is so powerful that some of the top trainers in the world use this method to get movie stars into shape or transform their clients’ bodies from fat to fit within a few months.

All you need to do is have a few workout sessions in one day. They do not have to be strenuous or high-intensity. Even a slow or moderate pace will do. The only catch is that there is some inconvenience involved.

Many overweight people lead relatively sedentary lives and have quite a bit of time to spare. Just by planning 3 half hour sessions a day they can do wonders for their fat loss.

A 30 minute session in the morning will boost their metabolic rate. After an hour or so, their metabolic rate will drop. Another 30 minute session in the afternoon will get the blood pumping again and boost the metabolic rate. Repeat the same thing in the evening and you will be burning fat round the clock.

If you do not have the time, even 15 minute sessions will make a difference. Psychologically, it seems easier to do two 30 minute sessions instead of an hour long workout. It some cases, it really may be easier depending on the individual’s fitness and stamina.

Break up your exercise sessions into shorter work outs and spread them evenly throughout the day. Over time, you will notice that the weight on the scale is coming off regularly every week. You may then increase the intensity of your workouts to speed up your results. As long as you pace yourself and don’t overdo it, this is one of the most effective fat loss techniques out there. Do give it a try.

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