Top 5 Water Exercise Belts Comparison Review

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A buoyancy belt is an indispensable workout tool for anyone who wants to venture into water aerobics.

After all, it keeps users afloat in deep water, leaving the hands and legs free to work with dumbbells and ankle straps.

Shopping for aqua-fitness flotation belts can be a daunting task, especially if you are a beginner.

Several factors have to be considered in order to choose a belt that is ideal for your body type and routine intensity.

For starters, you will have to decide what type of flotation belt to buy. This can be an adjustable, even, or uneven belt. Construction materials, strap type, buckle style, comfort level and pad density are also important factors to take into account.

Luckily, there is no shortage of aqua-fitness buoyancy belts from which to choose.

One of the best ways to find a flotation belt with the proper design, materials, and density for your fitness goals is to make a list.

With a list of potential aqua fitness belts, you can compare features and choose the best one among them.

The following top 5 water exercise belts comparison review can help you get started with your shopping list.

1) Speedo Aqua Jog Water Aerobic Swim Training Belt

The Speedo Aqua Jog Water Aerobics swim training belt promotes spinal alignment because of its large amount of back support.

Flotation belts like this one tend to push the swimmer forward.

As a result, the user has to engage core muscles to remain upright. This belt from Speedo is ideal for those who want to strength core muscles and improve posture.

It comes in two adjustable sizes, namely Small/Medium (which adjusts to waist sizes 25-48 inches) and Large/Extra Large (for waist sizes 25-56 inches).

The chlorine resistant foam pad is about 1.5-inches thick. A red, woven adjustable strap with a quick release button keeps the foam pad secure against your waist.

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2) AquaJogger Active Water Exercise Buoyancy Belt

Much like the Speedo Aqua swim training belt, the AquaJogger is also a high-backed buoyancy belt.

It features a patented arch design that supports and strengthens the lower back.

The belt can also be worn with foam padding at the front. This method of use relieves stress on the lower back, so it is good for people with spinal issues or elderly individuals.

The AquaJogger buoyancy belt is available in various sizes and can fit users with a waist size of up to 44-inches. Its soft, flexible foam padding is comfortable.

It features a density of 1 3/8 inches and does not soak thanks to the closed cell foam material. Fitting the belt is easy, since it comes with a woven adjustable strap that has a quick-release buckle.

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3) WaterGym LLC Water Aerobics Float Belt

WaterGym LLC’s flotation belt features more of a long tapered design with even foam distribution around the waist. This construction allows for easier vertical positioning.

Unlike the other swim training belts in this review, the WaterGym aerobics float belt comes with an elastic strap. It fits snugly around the waist and users can choose from different sizes.

The small size model can fit people with a waist of 26-40 inches while the medium/large size belt is ideal for uses with a waist of 32-50 inches.

Maintaining your WaterGym swim belt will be easy since the foam material does not stain. It also feels soft and silky when worn, which guarantees comfort to the wearer.

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4) TYR Aquatic Flotation Belt, One Size

This one size-fits-all buoyancy belt is ergonomically designed for comfort.

The TYR aquatic flotation belt is made of multiple rectangular foam pads with rounded corners, which interconnect like a chain. It has a woven strap that weaves through the foam pads.

The foam bricks even come off for easy transpiration or storage.

To accommodate different body shapes, the TYR aquatic flotation belt can be adjusted with a clip system. It fits waist sizes 27-52 inches and feels comfortable when worn thanks to the soft EVA foam material.

This product has an odd shape

5) Speedo Hydro Resistant Jog Belt Swim Training Aid

The Hydro Resistant swim training aid is another high-backed buoyancy belt from Speedo.

This particular model won an award from the Aquatic Exercise Association because of Speedo’s continued commitment to design exceptional water aerobics fitness aids. Designed with comfort in mind, the belt is made of soft neoprene foam.

Its surface features 3-D mesh material that dries quickly. And, unlike other buoyancy belts that tend to move up or down the waist, the Speedo Hydro Resistant aqua jog belt has an anti-slip silicone print to keep it secure at all times while you are in the water.

The best aesthetic design among all


While there are many buoyancy belts on the market, the suggestions made above in this top 5 water exercise belts comparison review come highly recommended.

These models were chosen based on aspects such as high buyer ratings, good company reputation and high product quality.

Therefore, they offer an easy way to narrow down your list of potential buoyancy belts. To make an informed buying decision, ensure to compare prices, features and read online reviews to find out what other buyers have to say about each flotation belt.

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