Top 5 Fitness Games Comparison Review

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Gone are the days when gaming was nothing other than a sedentary activity. In the last decade, active games have become exceptionally popular. Active gaming, or exergaming, merges two very popular concepts – exercising and video gaming. Fitness video games provide a wide variety of benefits to players. They encourage physical activity, improve cognitive skills, and even promote social interaction.

Gaming developers keep releasing fitness video games with each passing year. From dance games to yoga and other forms of exercise, the range of active games to choose from is endless. This can make it somewhat daunting when it comes to selecting fitness games that are both fun and beneficial. However, the following top 5 fitness games comparison review offers a great place to start your search.

1) Just Dance 2016

Just Dance 2016 is the seventh edition of the franchise fitness video game from Ubisoft. Just like in previous versions, the new game comes with a track list and dance moves that players watch and imitate.

In addition to the usual modes in previous editions, Just Dance 2016 offers a few new functions to spice things up. The Dance Party Mode made a comeback and now allows players to work together and reach an all-time high score. A couple of notable new game/dance modes include Showtime, which allows players to participate in Karaoke, and Dance Quest where you compete against a robot leaderboard and advance through a set playlist. World Video Play allows players from around the world to compete while Sweat and Playlist mode keeps track of calorie burned.

Just Dance 2016 works on both Xbox One and 360 as well as PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Wi, and Nintendo Wi U. It’s the only cross platform fitness game in the list and not to mention the most fun for dancing enthusiasts.

2) Wii Fit U w/Wii Balance Board Accessory and Fit Meter

Nintendo designed the Wii Fit U exclusively for their gaming console. This fitness training game comes with a chock full of activities, ranging from yoga and strength training routines, to Dance aerobics and balance games. Players can choose one of two trainers, a male or female, to guide them through workouts. In Mirror Mode, the built-in camera displays how you like next to the trainer’s example.

Along with the Wii Fit U game, the package also entails a Wii Balance Board and Fit Meter. The latter accessory is essentially a pedometer that tracts your activity on the go. It keeps track of fitness stats such as calories burned, elevation changes and steps taken. You can transfer your fitness stats to your in-game profile by pressing down the middle button on the pedometer.

However, you have to point the Fit Meter at the infrared port on your Gamepad because the stats will only be transferred when there is a clear line of sight between the two devices. There’s no need to wear the Fit Meter when using Wii Fit U directly because the game itself along with the Balance Board will track your weight, BMI and other activity stats. The Gamepad also acts as a second screen, allowing users to work out as others watch TV.

3) Nike+Kinect Training

Microsoft and Nike joined forces to create the Nike+Kinect fitness Training video game that works exclusively on Xbox 360. Unlike Just Dance 2016 (the previously mentioned Xbox 360 compatible game), Nike+Kinect Training lacks that element of fun. There are no dance routines in this game. Instead, it works more like an exercise class. Upon loading the game for the first time, players get to choose either a male of female instructor. Your chosen trainer will walk you through an initial fitness test, a battery of exercises, and then assess your fitness level to tailor an exercise plan for you. During play, the instructor demonstrates a move that you must repeat to complete a specific number of reps. The personal trainer offers encouragement as your reps grow.

There are lots of modes to choose from as well, including challenge drills and five minute sessions. The game cleverly shows an avatar on the screen so that you can check your form. At the end of a workout, players get a Fuel Print score that can be sent to Nike+ servers and graphed over time.

Fuel Print scores can be deducted if you do not maintain correct form or do an exercise properly. You can also compare scores with other community members and Nike + family athletes to see how your level of fitness stacks up.

4) Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012

Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012 is an interactive fitness product that uses the Kinect motion sensor in combination with your Xbox 360 to track movements, including floor exercises. As with the initial installment, the evolved edition is more like a collection of fitness programs than an actual game. The routines let you target muscle groups from all over the body. To keep you from getting board, the trainers in the simulation offer some cheery encouragement and alternate between regular state changes. For motivation, players get to earn points, medals and achievements upon completing various routines.

You can spice things up by trying a series of dance routines in genres such as Latin, Bollywood, hip-hop, and so forth. There are a few entertaining mini-games as well that bring some play into the experience. For example, a new mode called Run the World allows players to run virtually through the streets of London, Paris, and New York. Wall Breaker is another fun mini-game in the series, which lets players use their fists and legs to smash bricks on the screen.

5) Shape Up

Shape Up is yet another exercise gaming product from Ubisoft designed for Xbox One consoles only. This game guides players through traditional cardio and strength exercises although it also adds some quirky and point-driven challenges into the mix as well. For instance, “Voyage to the Moon” is a quick fire mini-game that will make you perform squats or throw cross punches to destroy asteroids. There are many other similar short routines and although they may not seem serious, all activities are designed to imitate real exercise techniques. Thanks to Xbox 360’s Kinect sensor and camera technology, you will see a full body projection of your movements on the screen.

With the innovative rePLAY mode, you can store footage and compete against yourself. Players can enter challenges as well by taking on the four-week goal oriented quest mode and earn bragging rights upon completion. Besides recording sessions, Shape Up can count calories burned and track your results overtime.


These fitness video games provide so much variety and activity that will keep you moving when you would otherwise sit on the couch. For that reason, they would make a great and fun addition to any health plan or workout regimen. Before making a purchase, remember to find out what accessories you need in order to play each game and whether your console is supported.

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