Top 5 Barbells Comparison Review

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Choosing which barbell to purchase can be a daunting task these days since there are so many models to pick from.

However, you can make the selection easier by creating a list of good barbells to buy and then choose the best one among them after making comparisons.

This top 5 barbell comparison review will guide you through the decision-making process so that you can select the best barbell for your goals.

1) Champion Barbell E-Z Curl Bar

The Champion Barbell E-Z curl bar is among the most sought after home gym barbells on the market for a number of reasons.

Its unique curled shape is designed to be comfortable on the wrists and the outer knurling provides a firm grip.

What’s more, stainless steel bars such as this one last long because the material is rustproof.

This barbell measures 47-inches in length and weighs about 10lbs. It is designed to use standard weight plates with a 1-inch hole. The bar is strong and sturdy enough to handle up to 200lbs, so it can support individuals of various weight classes.

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  • Rust and corrosion free steel bar
  • High tensile construction designed to last
  • Outer knurling improves grip
  • Good aesthetics from the shiny finish on stainless steel


  • Plates sold separately
  • Some buyers claim that clips were not included in the package
  • This barbell only comes in one size (47-inches length)

2) CAP Barbell Standard 1” Chrome Bar

If you’re looking to buy a barbell for standard 1-inch weight plates, the CAP Barbell Standard 1” Chrome Bar is another great option.

Unlike the standard 1” Champion Barbell E-Z curl bar, this barbell comes in different sizes. You can get the 5, 6, or 7-foot long bar depending on your stature.

All versions support the same maximum weight capacity of 250lbs.

Another fantastic feature of this barbell is its chrome platted stainless steel construction. The sleek polished finish not only makes the bar look appealing, but also makes it corrosion resistant.

The standard 1” CAP barbell shares a few similarities with Olympic barbells.

To begin with, this weight bar is strong yet flexible. Its flexible sleeves swivel when in use to reduce pressure on the wrist of user’s.

Secondly, knurling is only on the ends, which leaves the center area smooth. As a result, power lifters don’t have to worry about center knurling scratching their necks during overhead press cleans.

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  • End knurling helps to maintain grip
  • Chrome plated steel bar designed for strength and durability
  • Available in multiple lengths to suite different weightlifters


  • Required CAP Barbell RC-06 spring clips are not included in the package

3) Sunny Threaded Solid Chrome Barbell Bar

This barbell is designed for both bench-eccentric and standing exercises.

This is a 60” long bar that weighs about 16 lbs. without weights. It fits on most standard weight benches and racks with ease. The solid steel construction has enough tensile strength to handle a maximum of 250 lbs.

More importantly, stainless steel will not rust or stain over time.

As the name implies, this barbell has threaded ends. Together with the two star lock collars, the threaded sleeves prevent accidental drops of free weights.

Keep in mind though that this barbell is only compatible with standard 1”- hole diameter free weight plates.

To enhance grip, knurling on the bar is located more toward the end. Center area remains smooth, just as the CAP Barbell Standard 1” Chrome Bar.

Another similarity that these two barbells share is the chromed finish, which is a bonus for weightlifters who want pleasing aesthetics in a barbell.

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  • Threaded ends and star lock collars enhance safety by keeping free weights securely on the bar
  • Barbell comes with collars
  • Sleek chrome finish
  • Rust resistant material
  • Sturdy solid steel bar


  • You have to spin the star lock collars all the way through the threaded section to reach the outermost weight plate, which takes more time than using clamp on or spring style clips.
  • Free weights not included in the package

4) Gold’s Gym 110-lb. Olympic Barbell Weight Set

Buying a bare barbell can be a challenge because you have to look for compatible plates and clips. Besides being inconvenient, the added cost of accessories can sometimes be more than buying a complete barbell weight set.

So, to avoid such challenges, why not get this 110 lbs. Olympic barbell weight set from Golds’ Gym?

This weight set comes with three pairs of 5, 10, and 25-pound weights. Each plate features gaps on the surface that provide room for holding with your palm. The plates are made of cast iron, so they will last for a long time.

But, if you will be dropping your bar frequently during cross fit workouts, then these iron plates are probably not for you.

The package includes two clamps for holding weights plates on both ends securely.

Along with the free weights and clamps, buyers also get the 3-piece cast iron barbell and 4 roll pins for putting it together.

The fact that you can disassemble the barbell makes storage much easier. Loading weights on and off the smooth sleeves is fast and easy.

This barbell can be used with an Olympic bench that supports 7’ bars. Together with the 30lb bar, users will be lifting a total of 110 lbs. You can add more weight plates up to 300 lbs., and at this point the bar starts to visibly bend.

This product comes in a whole set as you can see here


  • Affordable barbell set for beginners
  • Comes with weights and clips
  • Barbell is easy to assemble and comes apart for storage
  • Slightly textured bar improves grip
  • Weight plates are easy to lift when loading onto the barbell thanks to the gaps they have on the surface


  • Some users complain that pins for holding the mid-section tend to loosen when lifting heavy.
  • The cast iron weight plates and barbell are prone to rusting, so they will require good maintenance.
  • The manufacturer’s disclaimer states that materials used for this barbell set contain one or more chemicals, which are known to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

5) CAP Barbell Standard 1-Inch Barbell Weight Set

Just like Gold Gym’s 110-lb. Olympic Barbell Weight Set, this standard 1” CAP Barbell weight set comes ready to use right out of the box.

The entire set weighs 100lbs. It includes half a dozen each of 5lb and 10lb plates and a 10lb barbell. These plates have a standard 1” diameter hole and are made of cast iron.

The barbell also features a 3-piece design, which comes with pins for assembly. You’ll need a hammer to gently tap in the pins when putting the barbell together.

CAP Barbell supplies this set with 2 spinlock collars. Both extreme ends of the bar are threaded, so spinning the collars all the way in locks the weight plates securely.

This is one of the more aesthetic designs as you can see here


  • 3-piece barbell construction allows for easy storage
  • Set comes with secure star spinlock collars, pins and weights
  • Beginners can work their way up easily with the 5lb and 10lb plates
  • Outer knurling enhances grip for wide-arm lifts like the bench press or overhead press


  • Cast iron plates are prone to rust if exposed to moisture over long periods

On this note, this top 5 barbells comparison review comes to a close.

Prices vary depending on your preferred model and chosen brand.

However, remember to base your choice on important aspects such as barbell material, maximum capacity, knurling on the bar, type of weights, plate locking mechanism and included accessories or lack thereof.

It is also wise to read customer reviews to have a better understanding on what to expect from any barbell that you intend to purchase.

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