Top 5 Back Stretchers Comparison Review

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For people who find inversion tables out of their budget range, back stretchers offer the next best affordable option to relieve back pain. The beauty about back stretchers is that they help to correct a variety of back problems.

For instance, these devices can gradually restore the backs’ natural arch or provide relief to people suffering from a herniated disc, spinal stenosis or sciatica.

As with any product, there are many back stretchers on the market. A few brands offer some unique designs but the vast majority of back stretchers have overlapping features that can leave you confused over what to buy.

The best approach to make an informed buying decision and spot a good deal is by comparing your options. With the help of this guide, you can narrow down to some of the top selling back stretchers and save time.

So, in no particular order of merit, here is a top 5 back stretchers comparison review.

1) Comfort Fit Back Stretcher

If you want a single device that can decompress the spine and relieve tense muscle knots, the Comfort Fit back stretcher is a good pick. This model features acupressure knobs that improve blood flow and press against muscle knots along the lower and mid back muscles.

For those who find the bumpy surface uncomfortable, simply flip the back pad and arch it the other way. Along the middle, the arched surface has a soft blue pad that is gentle on the spine.

The back pad attaches to the base piece at three different points. This helps to adjust the arch height, allowing users to vary intensity of the backstretch. Comfort Fit recommends using their back stretcher at least twice every day over a period of five minutes per session.


  • Features acupressure knobs
  • Adjustable arch height
  • Compact portable design
  • Backed by lifetime limited replacement guarantee


  • Arch surface lacks padding

2) North American Healthcare (JB4866) Arched Back Stretcher

The North American Healthcare arched back stretcher features a cushioned surface and leather-like cover. It is ideal for people who prefer the feel of a smooth surface.

The center slot has a depression so that the arched surface does not directly press against the spine. Another design aspect of this item worth mentioning is the fixed arch height. This may be a disadvantage for people who want adjustable arched back stretchers, but on the plus side, no assembly is required.

With no individual pieces to put together, this arched back stretcher is very portable and easy to store.


  • Depression along center eases pressure on the spine
  • Comfortable cushioned padding
  • Stylish leather-like vinyl cover
  • Easy to store and carry during travels
  • High weight capacity of up to 250lbs
  • Item is fully assembled and easy to use


  • Fixed arch height

3) Magic Back Stretcher Lumbar Support Device

This model from Magic Back Support shares one similar design feature with the North American Healthcare arched back stretcher – it has an open space along the middle.

As a result, your spine can adjust itself without feeling the pressure of a supporting surface pressing against it when you lie down on the back stretcher. However, that is where the similarities between these two items end.

Unlike the North American Health and Wellness back stretcher, the Magic Back lumbar support device has no padding. Therefore, you will be lying on a bare plastic surface. It has raised bumps as well, which provide a pressurized massage to alleviate soreness and aches on muscles.

In addition, this model allows users to adjust the arch height by connecting the backrest to one of three different groove levels. You can use the Magic Back Stretcher while lying down or in a seated position since it comes with a chair strap.


  • Features thumb tip nodes to massage tight muscles knots when stretching the back
  • Adjustable back rest lets you choose a comfortable arch height
  • Comes with extras such as chair strap and instructional DVD
  • Made from durable ABS plastic


  • No padding on arched foam pad

4) Posture Wizard Back Stretcher

The Posture Wizard back stretcher is a 3-in-1 system that supports a healthier back. It comes with an arched back stretcher (with chair strap), trigger point ball and elasticized stretching band.

All of these components play different roles to promote a healthier back.

The arched back stretcher decompresses your spine when you lie down on it. You can adjust the arch height at three different levels and even remove the padding if desired. Without the padding, pokey knobs along the open space in the middle dig into those sore and tight spots along the spine.

Muscle knots located on other spots can be massaged using the trigger point ball. The elasticized band allows users to perform stretching exercises that strengthen back muscles.


  • Strengthens back muscles, stretches the spine and relieves aches on tight knots
  • Users can get support through online help videos
  • Comes with extras such as chair strap, trigger point ball and elastic stretching band
  • Offers the option of a padded and non-padded arch support
  • 3-leves of adjustment to ensure comfort for different users
  • Robust construction with a weight limit of 240lbs


  • Compared to the Comfort Fit back stretcher, the Posture Wizard model has fewer acupressure knobs on bare surface. Therefore, it might not hit all tight muscle knots on the back, unless you use the trigger point ball to massage individual spots one at a time.

5) MESHA Stretch Mate Orthopedic Back Stretcher

The Mesha Stretch Mate orthopedic back stretcher has a grooved surface that mimics the natural shape of spinal vertebrae. Raised points along the spine provide acupressure massage as you stretch the back.

You will need to assemble this orthopedic back stretcher when it arrives. The package comes with screws and an instruction manual, but a flat-head screwdriver is required for assembly. It is not possible to adjust the arch height on this back stretcher but you can turn it around to vary the stretch elevation.


  • Grooved surface digs into tight muscle knots along the spine
  • Designed to mimic the natural shape of the spine
  • Sturdy construction


  • Rigid and grooved surface might not be comfortable for everyone

Bottom Line

There are many other back stretchers on the market besides those mentioned above but narrowing down to these five models is a good place to start.

The best back stretcher ultimately boils down to what you are looking for in terms of features. This could be comfortable padding, appropriate arch height, durable materials, acupressure nodes or even extra bells and whistles.

Whatever your priorities are, make an informed choice by reading buyer reviews for the various back stretchers that you find appealing. Before using any back stretcher, make sure also to ask your doctor if it is safe to use based upon what your back issues are.

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