How Can You Tone Your Body Without Getting Bulky?

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When many women think about lifting weights, they instantly think about getting big and bulky. While this is the look that some women want to achieve, many women don’t like the thought of becoming bulky after lifting weights.

As a result, the weights section of the gym is often full of men trying to build muscle and severely lacking in females.

However, lifting weights doesn’t mean that you’ll automatically become a big and bulky person, and no matter what your gender is, you should embrace the weights and add strength training into your workout routine.

What should you do if you just want to tone up?

Some women have been losing weight for a few months and just want to tone up their bodies rather than build any substantial muscles.

Since your skin is elastic, it is able to expand and retract with the changes your body makes, such as gaining or losing weight and changing shape when you are pregnant.

Lifting weights is a key part of not only helping your skin to retain its elasticity, but also helping to prevent any loose skin after you have lost weight.

If you’re worried about becoming bulky but you just want to tone up your body, start off by lifting small weights (around 2-3kg).

You can even lift smaller than this if you feel it is too heavy for you.

The key with toning is to lift smaller weights but do more repetitions, while building big muscles requires fewer reps but heavier weights.

That’s why many toning exercises will encourage you to lift 1-2kg weights around 15-20 times, rather than 20kg for 8-10 reps.

What if you don’t want to use weights?

You don’t have to use weights in order to tone your body.

They are many exercises which will help you to tone up different body parts, such as squats for improving your thighs and bum, or various arm movements if you want to get rid of the hated bingo wings (upper arm fat).

I’m doing toning exercises and not seeing results; what am I doing wrong?

In order to see the results you want from toning at the gym, you need to also eat a healthy balanced diet.

Drinking plenty of water will help a lot with your skin and its elasticity, so try to cut out soda and other sugary drinks and replace them with water.

How Does Weight Training Help You Burn Fat?

People looking to lose weight often have two preconceptions – they need to eat much less and they need to move much more.

In order to do this, not only do many people start crash diets and cut out vital nutrients from their diets, but they also start doing cardio like crazy, only to discover that they’re not shifting the pounds as quickly as they had hoped.

Is cardio good for burning fat?

Yes, cardio can burn fat and help you to lose weight, but running endlessly on a treadmill at the same speed isn’t the most efficient way to make the most of your time and energy.

With regular cardio, you will start seeing changes, but weight training can help to maximise the efficiency of your workouts.

How does weight training help?

The great thing about weight training is that you can burn calories long after you’ve finished your workout.

With cardio, once you step out of the gym or return from your run, you won’t be burning calories any longer.

With weight training, you can burn more calories for up to 48 hours after you’ve finished exercising. This is great news for people who don’t enjoy going to the gym.

Another way weight training helps you to burn fat is by helping to build muscle.

When your body builds muscle, it turns the excess fat you have into muscle instead.

Even if you don’t see a change on the scale, you’ll definitely see a change in your shape and size.

Fat takes up a lot more space than muscle does, so you’ll weigh the same but you will look and feel smaller.

Doesn’t weight training make you really big?

People who want to lose weight, particularly women, shy away from any type of weight training since they believe it will make them bigger.

Even though they believe that they will build muscle rather than fat, the idea of getting even bigger really puts them off.

It’s important to note that you would have to lift very heavy weights for long periods of time in order to build any real amount of muscle mass, so the danger of getting ‘too large’ building muscle is very unlikely.

What’s the best way to burn fat?

The best way to burn fat when in the gym is to combined HIIT (high intensity interval training) cardio with weight training.

This will ensure that you get the most out of your time in the gym and burn the maximum amount of excess fat possible.

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