The Ultimate Protein Powder Cookbook: Think Outside the Shake Review

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Protein is a powerful food group that delivers many health benefits. It keeps our mood upbeat, boosts energy levels, improves concentration, speeds up ones metabolism, and best of all, it builds muscles, improves performance during workouts, and prevents weight gain. So, whatever your fitness goals are, upping your protein intake can help you get there quickly.

Fortunately, for those who don’t know where to start in regards to a protein diet, Anna Sward’s The Ultimate Protein Powder Cookbook: Think outside the Shake comes in handy. It offers fresh and nutritious protein-rich recipes as well as information that can help you to successfully increase your protein intake.

Features of the Anna Sward Ultimate Protein Powder Cookbook

With over 150 recipes, the Ultimate Protein Powder Cookbook is designed to help health enthusiast find fun ways to increase protein intake. The recipes come in a variety of categories, are easy to make, and delicious enough to satisfy your taste buds. Therefore, finding various meal options that work for you will not be difficult.

Other good qualities of this cookbook include:

• A Crash Course On All Matters Protein In The First Section Of The Book
The information included covers, how to cook with all types of protein, effects of food on the body, and graphs on all included ingredients and how to substitute them. For someone new to protein intake for health reasons, this section will be highly useful, as it will put you in a better position of finding creative ways of capitalizing on the full benefits of protein.

• Recipes Created Without Using Preservatives, Unhealthy Fats, Carbs and Refined Sugar
Not you not only get to increase your protein intake but also avoid unhealthy substances with the recipes in this cookbook.

Is The Anna Sward Ultimate Protein Powder Cookbook Worth Buying?

Many health-conscious people rely on protein powders and shakes to get their daily portion of protein. While these protein supplements are effective, they can get boring fast (making it difficult to stick to your diet).

This Ultimate Protein Powder Cookbook, however, offers a fresh approach that allows you to use protein powders to make your own high-protein foods. The foods last longer than protein smoothies/shakes which means you get to save on money.


  • Recipe instructions are simple and clear
  • Ingredients can be substituted which means you can cook with what you have
  • The cookbook helps us turn everyday foods (cookies, pizza, pancakes, breads, etc) into protein-packed goodies


  • A few users claim that the given ingredient portions of the recipes are wrong. Therefore, one has to tweak ingredient proportions for the dishes to come out perfect


This cookbook lays a good foundation for including protein in your diet. The recipes are easy to follow so you’ll definitely not encounter any problems making the dishes. In addition to that, the recipe book opens you up to developing protein recipes of your own.

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