The Miracle Ball Method Review

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Are you one of the millions of people worldwide suffering from persistent back pain? Have you tried a bunch of remedies without much success?

If so, The Miracle Ball Method health book is just for you.

Developed and written by Elaine Petrone, who was at one time a young dancer struggling with terrible back pain, the Miracle Ball Method aims at relieving muscle tension (which is the leading cause of pain) through some deceptively simple routines.

To get an idea of what this remedy is about, take a few minutes to read the Miracle Ball method review compiled below.
Features of the Miracle Ball Method by Elaine Petrone

The concept behind The Miracle Ball Method is quite simple – place weight in the form of tiny squishy balls on painful areas, add breathing techniques to the mix, and pain as well as muscle tension will melt away allowing the body’s own alignment to work.

This in turn allows for an improved quality of life, as proper body alignment improves performance and eliminates unnecessary tension by allowing muscles to use less effort when performing any physical activity.

With The Miracle Ball Method health book, this concept is brought to the reach of everyone in both kindle and paperback versions.

The packaging of the book includes:

  • 2 squishy balls the size of a grapefruit
  • The book itself, which consists of 296 pages worth of vital information, divided into 2 parts. The first part of the book features a brief introduction and a short section on breathing while the second section illustrates tons of pictures showing how to perform a variety of exercises.

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Is the Miracle Ball Method By Elaine Petrone Worth Buying?

Although first used on herself, Elaine has since shared her unique Miracle Ball Method with the world and in the process helped thousands of people to conquer pain through the book as well as the classes she offers.

The method has been well received with people commenting online in customer reviews about how they managed to use this method and overcome everything from sciatica, to myofacial pain, to a combination of hip, back, and neck pain caused by a car accident.

So, if you are suffering from chronic pain brought on by accidents or medical conditions, you can be sure that The Miracle Ball Method will ultimately help improve on your quality of life.

Since there is no price that is too high to enjoying a pain-free life, the book’s price of under $15 makes it a worthwhile purchase.


  • Can be used to relieve pain in any muscle or joint (shoulder, knee, back, neck, etc)
  • The miracle ball method consists of non-impact routines so it can therefore be done by everyone from the physically fit to the elderly
  • The book’s pain relieving method leaves plenty of room for experimentation and therefore allows you the chance of making the non-exercise routines your own


  • The eBook edition does not come with the 2 miracle balls
  • All routines illustrated in the book are done on the floor, so if you have difficulty getting down on and up off the floor, you may need to have someone around to help. Alternatively, if you have problems lying on a hard, flat surface, this book may not be a good fit for you.

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For someone who suffers from chronic pain, the Miracle Ball Method book would make a good read. It offers a simple pain-relieving method that does not require much effort or the use of a lot of money.

Since many people have already successfully used the Miracle Ball Method to relieve all sorts of body pain, it would not hurt to try the book.

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