The #1 Mistake That Kills Your Weight Loss Dream

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Every year, millions of people all over the world decide to try and lose weight and get in shape. The majority of them fail. After some time, they decide to give it another attempt and again they fail. This vicious cycle of trying and failing is extremely common.

So, why do people fail? What makes them so unsuccessful at losing weight?

The answer is a simple one. They quit too soon. This is the biggest reason of all. They quit before they see results. They do not give their bodies enough time to shed all the excess fat.

When you start off on your weight loss journey, you will probably start exercising and watching your diet. These are changes that you’re unaccustomed to. They may seem difficult and tiring. Because of the unpleasant nature of the changes such as eating less and exercising more, many people assume that such unpleasantness should yield results that are commensurate with their sacrifices and effort.

The hard truth is that in the first 3 to 4 weeks, the results will be slow and relatively abysmal. Losing a few pounds here and there may make it all seem like a total waste of time. You must understand that there are changes happening in you. The body is adapting. Your metabolic rate is increasing. The body is starting to tap into its fat stores for fuel.

All this is happening on the inside but you do not see obvious results on the outside. This discourages the majority of people. Most quit on their weight loss program within the first month. This is the biggest mistake. You’ve just turned on the ignition and before the pedal hits the metal, you’ve given up.

Most visible weight loss can be seen after 90 days. That’s about 3 months. You absolutely must give yourself 3 months. Even if all you can lose is one pound a week, after 12 weeks, you’d have lost 12 pounds. It may not seem like much but you will be amazed by how different you look.

A pound of fat takes up much more space than a pound of muscle. So, your appearance would have vastly changed. The good news is that most people average 2 pounds a week and some lose more. You could potentially lose a lot more weight than 12 pounds… but you must stay the course.

Take photos of yourself every week. This will help you monitor your progress. It’s hard to see how much you have changed because you’re looking at yourself daily and the changes are gradual. The photos will be proof of just how much weight you’ve lost and how different you look.

When you embark on a weight loss journey, give yourself an end date 90 days later. Do not stop before you reach that 90 days. There may be occasions where you slip-up on your diet. There may be times when you skip your workouts. There may even be weeks where there is no change in weight. Despite all these, keep going till you reach the 90-day mark.

If you hate starting over, stop giving up. Three months from now, you will thank yourself. Do not give up on yourself and kill off your weight loss dreams before they have time to bloom.

Your dream body is within reach if you give yourself time. Keep on keeping on till you get the body you’ve always wanted. Don’t worry about how long it’s taking. The time is going to pass anyway.

Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude

You may have heard of the saying, “Your attitude determines your altitude.” This cannot be overstated and your attitude towards your weight loss goals will decide whether you succeed or fall by the wayside like the millions of people who quit on their weight loss journey.

In this article, we will look at several different components that should shape your attitude. If you can master each one of these, you will definitely succeed at whatever you do, whether it’s weight loss, business or any other endeavor that you set your mind to. You ready? Excellent.

* Belief
You must believe that you can do it. Even if others laugh at you and say that you’re too fat to do anything or that you may be too old or too sick or whatever the reason may be… you MUST believe that you can lose the weight. If you lack belief, your attempt will be half-hearted and your results will be poor.

* Determined
Life’s battles do not go to the stronger or faster man. Sooner or later, the man who wins is the man who thinks he can. This is applicable to women too. Determination to succeed will mean that you learn whatever you can about weight loss and apply the information in your weight loss journey.

You will give your best at your workouts. You will not skip training sessions just because you’re not in the mood to exercise. You will not binge eat at night when the cravings kick in. You will stay on track and avoid the detrimental foods that you know you should avoid. This determination is crucial to success.

* Positive mental attitude
There may be days when you feel like it’s taking too long or maybe you might not see any change in the scale weight on one week. You did your best but the weight didn’t drop. This happens quite often. Nobody knows why. You must keep your spirits up and know that the weight loss will come. Do not get discouraged.

* Patience
You must be patient and expect slow and steady results. Do not stress yourself out by expecting miracles overnight. Just keep up your diet and train diligently. The weight loss will come in due time.

Far too many people quit too soon because they do not see the results they were expecting. They think of losing 10 pounds but the scale only shows a drop of 2 pounds. They assume that they have failed and they quit without realizing that slow progress is still progress.

* Curiosity
This is a good attitude to have. Examine your progress and reflect on your thought process. When were the times you slipped up on your diet? Missed a workout? Why did that happen? How did your brain convince you to not work out?

Understand your thought process to learn how your mind works. Look at your training regimen. Is there any way you can improve it? What about your diet? Maybe you could reduce the fruit intake and increase consumption of vegetables will have less sugar?

You’ll never know until you try. Experiment and see what works and what doesn’t. This is not just a weight loss journey but also a learning process for you.

If you possess these attitudes and work on them, your fat loss journey will still be challenging but it will be more bearable and interesting. It’s not all torture. Try and enjoy the process and struggle. Once you achieve your weight loss goal, you will look back on your struggles and the victory will be much sweeter. Respect the struggle and grow from it.

Why You Need to Stop Doing Exercise You Hate!

Why do you exercise? Is it just to look better? Do you want to live a longer and healthier life? Maybe you enjoy the mental clarity and physical energy that exercise delivers. Whatever your reasons for working out, why are you doing exercises that you despise? Aside from the physical and mental benefits that exercise delivers, it can be downright fun. So why waste your time performing strenuous physical activities that you hate?

Your Hatred Can Spread

There may be some exercise routine or format that you dread. However, you have heard it is perfect for delivering the result you’re looking for. So therefore, you continue to pencil it into your regular workout schedule. Sometimes a day or 2 in advance of your hated form of physical fitness, you begin to think about how much you would prefer to be doing something else.

This can lead to a big problem.

The problem is when you attach a negative emotion to any form of exercise, that emotion can spread to your entire routine. Your brain relates bad feelings with working out, concerning this one particular form of exercise. You can unconsciously begin to resent other exercises as well. Most change starts gradually. Such is the case when you force yourself to do exercises you don’t like, slowly leading you to a hatred of exercise in general.

You Increase Your Risk of Injury

As you know, proper form is everything when it comes to working out. If you perform an exercise correctly, your results come quicker. You also limit your risk of injury. Certain forms of exercise are performed the way they are to limit injury risk. When you don’t like a particular exercise, your mind wanders. This can lead to imperfect form, and eventually injury.

There Are Plenty of Smart Alternatives

Probably the best argument for not doing exercises you hate is this … there are dozens, and in some cases, even hundreds of alternatives. The list of alternatives to the plank body weight exercise is seemingly endless. The same is true for sit-ups, push-ups, yoga asanas, pilates forms and weightlifting exercises. On YouTube type in “____ exercises”, where you fill in the blank for the body part you are trying to work out. You can also fill that blank with the name of your most hated exercise.

You can discover numerous exercises, many downright fun and enjoyable, that effectively replace the ones you dislike. You will also find that working a body part in different ways improves your results. This is called muscle confusion, when you keep your muscle groups guessing as to how you’re going to attack them in your exercise routine.

There is no need to force yourself to continue any exercises you dislike. There are too many smart reasons to switch to an alternative that delivers the same results. Exercise can boost your mental and physical levels of health. Reaching those rewards should be fun and enjoyable, and not something you dread looking forward to.

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