SYOURSELF Microfiber Sports and Travel Towel Review

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If you are a traveler or happen to be an athlete, one of the best ways to stay dry during hot days is to pack a towel before heading out.

The problem with traditional cotton towels, however, is that they are bulky and take a long time to dry. But those challenges will no longer be a cause for concern if you opt for a microfiber travel towel.

Microfiber journey towels pack extremely small and dry really quickly thanks to their ultra-thin and lightweight fabric.

One such towel is the microfiber sports and travel towel from SYOURSELF. It comes with many amazing features, which you can learn about in this SYOURSELF microfiber sports and travel towel review.

Features of the SYOURSELF Microfiber Sports and Travel Towel

The beauty about SYOURSELF microfiber journey towels is that you get to choose sizes that suit your intended use.

For instance, if you want a gym towel to dry sweat from your neck or something to wipe off water on your face and hands after a swim, the S-size option (measuring 32×16 inches) is the best choice.

The M-size towel is 40×20 inches, making it perfect to pack when going for a hot yoga session, backpacking excursion or for drying hair.

For those who need a large towel to dry the entire body at the beach, swimming pool or after a shower, the L-size (60×30 inches) towel would be ideal. SYOURSELF also provide an XL-size towel (spanning 72x32inches), which may be used as an oversized bath towel, beach mat, yoga towel or blanket.

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Besides multiple size options, other features of SYOURSELF travel towels include:

  • Great variety of colors to choose from: SYOURSELF microfiber towels come with a Blue, Navy Blue, Purple, Pink, Orange, Green or Grey fabric finish. Therefore, buyers can choose a towel that matches their gear or color preferences.
  • Soft, absorbent, and thin microfiber fabric: The microfiber sports and travel towel from SYOURSELF feels like chamois on the skin. It can absorb up to 4-times its weight in water but thanks to the ultra-thin fabric, the towel dries very quickly.
  • Machine or hand washable: The microfiber fabric used for this towel is easy to clean and maintain. Unlike cotton towels, this microfiber towel does not require bleach or fabric softener when cleaning. You can choose to use a washing machine or clean the towel by hand. The recommend setup for those who use a washing machine is to air or tumble dry the towel in low temperature. Ironing is not required as microfiber does not crease. This towel features a snap loop for hanging as well.
  • Comes with bonus accessories: In addition to the microfiber travel towel, buyers also get a nice little mesh pouch with spring loaded carabiner that can be attached to your backpack, purse or bag.

Is the SYOURSELF Microfiber Sports and Travel Towel Worth Buying?

While there are many microfiber travel towels on the market, SYOURSELF’s sports and travel towel is one of the better choices you will find.

Most buyers are happy with how the towel absorbs so much liquid and it ability to dry quickly. In a nutshell, below is a list of the benefits and drawbacks of this microfiber towel based on what buyers are saying in customer reviews.


  • These soft microfiber fabric towels can be used to clean glass and screens of electronic devices without leaving any scratches behind
  • Thin and lightweight microfiber towel folds up into a compact size
  • Super absorbent
  • Dries quickly
  • Available in different sizes and color options
  • Features a hang loop
  • Provided with carry pouch
  • Mold resistant thanks to antimicrobial treatment


  • Does not feel the same as traditional cotton or terry cloth towels

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The SYOURSELF microfiber towels are designed to take up very little space in your backpack. Even if there is no room for it, the towels’ carry bag with snap on carabiner will come in handy.

Overall, these portable microfiber towels offer good value for the price, especially for travelers and athletes who want to pack light.

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