Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Exercise Bike Review

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We all have busy lives. We all know we need to exercise more.

Yet something always seems to get in the way.

  • You don’t want to, or can’t afford to join the local gym
  • There’s no room in the home for gym equipment
  • You’re simply too tired after a hard day of work to work out
  • You don’t want to use what little spare time you have on exercising

Yet you know you need exercise. You want the benefits of a clear mind, a healthy, stronger body, more energy, and you really want to shift those extra pounds.

It’s a bit of a dilemma.

Well there is an answer.

There is a way to exercise at the same time as enjoying other activities, at home, without taking up half of the room with a treadmill or cross-trainer.

In fact, this little workout machine can give you all the benefits of expensive cardio equipment, yet can be picked up like a briefcase and safely stored in a small cupboard or under the stairs.

The Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Exercise Bike

This magnetic exercise bike is as good as any other stationary bike, will work your legs just as well, and burn just as many calories, yet takes up no more room than a potted plant.

And best of all, you can use this exercise bike while doing any other sit-down activity.

Reading, watching Netflix, knitting, whatever you like to do.

You see, it’s only your feet that need to be in contact with this device.

The Sunny Health exercise bike has no seat and no handle bars.

You can sit anywhere you like, and as long as there’s room in front of you, you can exercise using this machine.

This mini exercise bike is built in such a way as to not allow movement when using.

It won’t slide around or move away when pushing the pedals.

As long as the pedal straps are over your feet, you can sit there at your leisure and pedal away for as long as you wish.

Imagine this. Instead of forcing yourself to workout for an hour, you simply put on an episode of your favorite show, put the mini exercise bike in front of your chair, set the desired tension, and just keep pedaling until the show has finished.

Afterwards, you glance down and see that the display indicates you have burned 250 calories.

Not bad! Do this every day, or 3 days a week and think of the benefits over the long term.

Use this in any scenario, keep it under your desk and pedal while working, in front of the sofa while reading a book, or in front of a solid chair with a “spinning” workout DVD for a more intense session.

The mini exercise bike can also be used with the hands for an upper body workout by placing on top of a table.

The Sunny Health and Fitness Exercise Bike has an 8 level tension control, and an LCD display that shows time in use, current speed, RPM, calories burned and distance.

Sunny Health & Fitness Exercise Bike Positives

  • Over all: Allows cardio exercise bike workout without cumbersome apparatus cluttering up your home
  • Digital monitor: Shows calories burned, distance completed and speed to track progress
  • Compact design: Only 22 inches long, 18 inches wide, 14 inches high
  • Portable: Can be quickly relocated with top handle and easily stored away
  • Light weight: Weighs only 21lbs
  • Magnetic tension control: Allows smooth spinning of the pedals without rubbing sound
  • Variable tension: Resistance can be adjusted incrementally with 8 levels

Possible Negatives

  • May not fit under some furniture: Knees may hit desk if desk is not high enough, or has drawers underneath for example
  • Can slip around on some surfaces: Some users report that the exercise bike does move occasionally but can be solved by placing a rubber mat underneath
  • Some noise: Although a majority of buyers praise the quietness of the exercise bike, some report that the noise level is too high when using


If you were looking for a solution to workout at home, increase your cardio capacity, lose weight, get fit etc. but really do not have the room for expensive, large workout machines in your home, then this mini exercise bike will be of value to you.

It can be brought out whenever you want to work out, can be used while sitting anywhere, can fit in most places, and can quickly and easily be stored away.

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