How to Stick to Your Healthy Routine When Traveling

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Depending on your lifestyle and approach to dieting, traveling can either make or break your weight loss journey.

For some, traveling is a great way to avoid cravings and keep your mind busy with other things.

Being on the road may not equate to much physical activity, but you will be so busy exploring new places and thinking about the journey ahead that food probably won’t be the biggest thing on your mind.

This can help you eat intuitively, skipping food when you aren’t hungry.

On the other hand, though, once you reach your destination and begin to explore a new place, it’s easy to get into the mindset of just wanting to enjoy yourself and enjoy the moment.

For many, that’s a fantastic way to treat yourself to a day or two of adventure–so long as you get right back to your diet when you get home.

For others, though, it just takes one slip and they give up on their diet all together.

They are in a horrible “all or nothing” mindset and they don’t allow themselves any break or any cheats.

As soon as they make a slip or mistake, they think they are done for and, somehow, all the progress they have made so far goes right down the drain.

Obviously, it doesn’t really work like that at all. One bad day is not going to ruin all the progress you have made, unless you allow it to.

That’s why you should always consider how you will handle your trip before you even hit the road.

When traveling, you should try to stay on track as much as possible, but allow yourself to indulge a little bit when it feels  right.

When you do decide to indulge, remind yourself that it’s okay. You aren’t going to go crazy and binge on all the junk you can get your hands on, you are just going to treat yourself to something delicious and fun.

When you are done treating yourself, you aren’t going to let that be your downward spiral. Instead, you’re going to get right back on track.

Remind yourself that it’s okay to have fun, even when you’re losing weight!

4 Distractions to Help You Avoid Emotional Eating

Feeling stressed? Sad? Happy?

Millions of people suffer from emotional eating habits that cause their weight to fluctuate by significant amounts.

Don’t allow your emotions to control you.

With mindfulness and meditation, studies have shown that you can overcome stress and emotional eating. But, it’s not an easy battle to win.

You might find it extremely useful to seek professional assistance if you have identified an emotional eating problem in your life.

You can also follow these fast tips to help you stay on top of this and in control:

1) Go for a walk

Getting outside and active will get you away from the kitchen and it will also give you some time to take in the fresh air and process whatever emotions you are experiencing.

This will prevent you from emotionally eating and it will help you get a grip on your weight loss motivation again.

2) Talk to a friend

Holding yourself accountable to the goals you set for yourself is by no means easy, and that’s why bringing a friend in on your journey can help you stay accountable to your weight loss goals.

Talk to a friend next time you feel emotional and tell them about how you feel.

Tell them how you are struggling with emotional eating and just get things off your chest.

3) Keep your hands busy

Most distractions in life involve snacking: Watching a TV show or movie usually involves popcorn. Going on a long drive typically involves a gas station snack stop.

So, while you can enjoy these things on your weight loss journey, do your best to keep your hands busy with things other than food.

When you go to distract yourself from emotional eating, do something that will get your mind and hands off of food.

Paint, draw, write, or just start working on a project.

4) Read or watch something for inspiration

Sometimes, it can be hard to remind yourself why you started your weight loss journey to begin with.

That’s when getting inspiration from someone else can prove beneficial.

Whether you read a book or article, or watch a YouTube video or movie, it can prove helpful to keep you on track.

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