SpecForce Alpha Training Program Review

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Losing fat and gaining muscle. This is, in a nutshell, what people want to achieve when they train. Both these goals go hand in hand and both are key if you are to reach your training goals. There is no point in putting on slabs of lean muscle mass if you are not shifting the layers of fat that hide it. Just like there is no point in burning rolls of fat off your stomach if you cannot replace this lost bodyweight with lean muscle. The trick is to do both.

Like with most things in life, there are any number of different products that have been specifically designed to help people reach their goals. This might sound great, but if you have tried to buy a product yourself then you will know that it is not all plain sailing. While there are indeed products out there that can help you reach your training goals, there are also tonnes of fake and misleading products that only have the intention of lightening your wallet. The question is, how do we sift through the rubbish to find the gems?

Reviews like the one you are about to read are key. Why? Because they are written by people like myself who have tried, tested and taken the time to share their experience of a particular product. My goal when I set out training was simple – I wanted to have the body of a soldier. I wanted to be lean, agile, strong and ripped! This is known as tactical fitness and in order to reach a high standard in it you have to possess the correct training methods.

After searching online for a few weeks, and asking a few of my friends who were knowledgeable about the fitness industry, I was guided in the direction of a program known as SpecForce Alpha. This course has a track record of being extremely popular amongst people who are interested in tactical fitness and has been tested and proven to be a top training method in terms of injury recovery. In a nutshell, it was exactly what I was looking for.

The SpecForce Alpha training program can best be described as an exceptional high intensity interval training program, but it is far more than just this. It is in actually fact a one of kind type of program that focuses on maximising a pain and injury free training method. It has been specifically designed by a member of the Canadian SWAT team to increase your overall physical levels, while at the same time ensuring that you suffer no injuries whatsoever.

In terms of the actual individual increases that you will, they will come in stamina increases, raised endurance levels, improved overall strength and conditioning, and vastly decreased fat levels. On top of this, the SpecForce Alpha program will show you how best to rest and recover after a training session which will mean that you can train on a more regular basis.

The thing that really got me interested in the SpecForce Alpha program was the amount of scientific and field research that went into its actual creation. The creators went to extreme lengths in order to provide a course that was top of the range and super effective. In fact, it is so good that it has even been adopted by various law enforcement agencies, special operations units, fire rescue departments and more.

I have been using the SpecForce Alpha program for little over six months so far and I have seen so many positive changes in my body. Not only am I leaner and stronger than ever before, old niggling injuries that I once had from my football days have all but cleared up.

My personal favourite aspect of this program is the fact that you get a complete, full body workout in a short period of time. I detest training for more than 30 minutes any day as I feel that you should be able to get whatever you need to get done inside 20 – 30 mins max. The SpecForce Alpha training sessions last only about 20 minutes and will guarantee that you receive a body testing workout.

Another great factor of this product is that it comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. This means that if at some time during the first two months – and, hey, it happens – that you feel this product is not for you for whatever reason, then you can easily send it back to the provider and claim a full refund, no questions asked and no harm done to your bank balance. The reason why this stipulation is added, in my opinion, is because the creators of SpecForce Alpha are fully confident in their program and realise that only a select minority will ever consider returning it. After all, it is impossible to please everyone!

To conclude, I can perfectly understand that there is some scepticism when it comes to reading stuff on the internet. That is normal and, in most cases, actually advisable! So while I hope that you are interested in what I have said about the SpecForce Alpha program, I understand if you still have your doubts. The only way to ease your doubts is to either do a bit more research by yourself, or else go ahead and try the product. If worse comes to worst you can always just return it within 60 days if you do not like it. I’m betting that you will love it though!

Thank you for reading.

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