SKLZ Slidez Functional Core Stability Discs Review

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The basis of any kind of strength training should always start with the core, and that is why the SKLZ Slidez Core Stability Discs are the perfect training accompaniment for anyone looking to engage in strength training.

Using a low friction design to avoid scratching or marking and an ergonomically designed thread pattern that provides excellent grip, the SKLZ Slidez can help anyone build their core strength as well as focus on upper or lower body conditioning.

The SKLZ Slidez are designed with functionality in mind, meaning they can be used independently or as a unit depending on what kind of training you are looking to do. Perfect for use at home or on the move, strengthen your core with the SKLZ Slidez Stability Discs.

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Features of the SKLZ Slidez Functional Core Stability Discs

• Pair of stability discs
• Low friction discs leave no mark on surfaces
• Easy to transport for use anywhere
• Fastener clips included for bilateral movement training

Are the SKLZ Slidez Functional Core Stability Discs Worth Buying?

The first thing to note about the SKLZ Slidez Stability Discs is that while they may be designed to be low friction, these are still plastic sliding discs. Anyone looking to use these discs on a hardwood floor may want to reconsider.

Over time, the SKLZ Slidez will become slightly scratched and this can result in scratched floors. This is far from ideal for those looking to use the SKLZ Slidez in a hardwood floored room.

Assuming that you have a different surface not liable to costly scratches, the SKLZ Slidez are an excellent core strength building aid. Unlike many sliding stability discs, the design of the SKLZ Slidez allows the discs to be used in tandem or independently.

This opens up a wide range of possible workout activities, meaning users can focus on specific muscle areas that require more work. It is extremely easy to find free video tutorials that give novice users tips on the various ways they can use the SKLZ Slidez.

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Ultimately, it is fair to say that the SKLZ Slidez should be marketed as designed for use on carpet. Other hard surfaces are liable to scratch both the underside of the discs and the surface they are being used on. This should be more transparent. That being said, when used on carpet, the SKLZ Slidez are superb.

Their comfortable grips are fantastic and the ability to use both discs separately or together allows for a varied sliding workout. If you plan to use these on a carpeted surface, you should have no qualms.

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