Review of the Gaiam Foldable Yoga Mat

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If you incorporate any sort of yoga training into your workout routine, then you should know the importance of a quality yoga mat.

A mat of inferior quality will cause discomfort during extended poses or cause you to slide all over the place as you try moving from one pose to another. This is why you should go for quality options such as the Gaiam Foldable Yoga Mat.

Designed for travel, the Gaiam foldable yoga mat has a nice array of features that help ensure you do not miss out on your yoga sessions when on weekend getaways or long work-related trips.

Features of the Gaiam Folder Yoga Mat

The Gaiam folder mat combines rubber material and a sticky texture to ensure you remain stable during yoga poses.

The rubber material enhances comfort and gives good traction on both floor and carpet, allowing you to maintain a better grip and control over poses whether you’re standing up in a warrior 2 stance or on the floor in a child’s pose.

The mat’s sticky surface on the other hand, helps prevent slipping and sliding even when you are performing vigorous yoga moves that leave you sweaty. This yoga mat also features:

  • 2mm Thickness

Measuring 2mm in thickness, the Gaiam folder mat is thinner than other yoga mats. This is to be expected as it is a travel yoga mat.

Just note that some users are disappointed by the thinness of the mat while others find the mat to be thick enough to protect and cushion delicate body parts and joints such as the wrists and face when one is performing poses that involve contact with the floor.

  • Folding Design

The biggest selling point of this mat is a folding design that makes it great for travel. The mat folds into a small 10 by 12 inch square. It also has guide lines that show you the proper way of folding.

The best part is that the folding design ensures the side that touches the floor never comes into contact with the side where you work out on.

Is the Gaiam Folder Yoga Mat Worth Buying?

The Gaiam folding mat goes above and beyond the duty of a yoga mat.

When you’re training, the mat’s material, thickness, and texture will keep you safe, comfortable, and stable. On the other hand, it folds into a small size that is easy to carry, store, and transport across towns or states when you are off the mat.

This combination of reliable performance, compact design, and portability makes it a perfect yoga mat for traveling. The mat also comes with a lifetime guarantee, which makes it a more attractive buy.


  • Easy to fold thanks to the presence of fold lines.
  • Can be wiped clean or tossed in a washing machine for a more thorough cleaning.
  • Takes up very little storage space whether locked away in the closet or packed into your luggage.
  • Beautifully designed.


  • There have been complaints about the mat having a smelly odor from a few users. Other users, however, say that the mat does not smell.
  • Some users find the width of the mat to be a little too thin for their liking.

The Gaiam folder yoga mat only weighs 1.6 pounds, has fold lines that guide you through the folding process, and packs nicely.

In addition to that, it has a good level of stability and good quality material that does not require high maintenance. Unfortunately, the thinness of the mat does not work for everyone.

Overall, this yoga mat will work well for occasional use during those instances where you’re traveling. That said, however, it may not make an ideal choice for an everyday mat to be used in a yoga studio.

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