Reebok Professional Core Board Review

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For fitness enthusiasts who are always in search of ways to boost workout results, the Reebok Professional Core Board would make and excellent addition to home gym equipment.

Working under a similar concept as that of vibration plates, this workout tool activates several body muscles at the same time to enhance workout results.

In addition to that, the board allows for different cardio, weight, and resistance exercises and can therefore help keep workouts varied and challenging enough to boost results.

Therefore, if you want to get the most out of your workouts, this Reebok core board is the tool to go for.

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Features of the Reebok Professional Core Board

The Reebok Professional Core Board combines an unstable platform with versatile workouts to deliver a great fitness tool that provides total body fitness while helping users to burn fat, increase muscle strength, and tone the body all at the same time.

This makes it the perfect workout equipment for everyone from beginners, to advanced exercisers, to athletes.

The following features help give the Reebok core board its versatility and effectiveness.

Unstable platform

One of the biggest benefits you will gain from this Reebok core board is reduced body fat thanks to increased calorie burn during workouts.

The board utilizes a 3-dimentional movement that tilts, twists, and recoils against the body’s natural movements.

These movements in turn create an unstable platform that places body muscles in the core, lower back, and entire length of the leg (from hips to feet), in a continuous struggle of trying to remain stable.

This continuous struggle coupled with a workout’s intensity cause muscles to work harder than normal and therefore burn more calories.

Multiple points for resistance bands

Featuring 8 different points for attaching resistance bands spread around the board’s perimeter, this core board from Reebok leaves you spoilt for choice when it comes to resistance exercise options.

As we all know, the benefits of resistance training are vast and many, ranging from increased muscle mass to better bone density to a huge metabolic spike.

Adjustable stability

Another cool feature of the Reebok core board is 2 adjustable levels of stability. These allow you the pleasure keeping workout intensity to your liking.

A non-slip rubber surface

The Reebok core board features a non-slip rubber top that firmly grips whatever body part (hands, feet, etc.) is in contact with the board’s surface.

So, you can focus more on your workouts and less on maintaining a solid grip on the board while exercising.

Is the Reebok Professional Core Board Worth Buying?

As far as value for money is concerned, the Reebok Professional Core Board delivers.

It is well constructed, safe, can be expanded to suit the user’s level of fitness, and supports many exercises (including those involving the use of weights).

Therefore, you can be sure that you will get your money’s worth with this core board.


  • The board is well constructed and durable with some buyers having used it for over 5 years
  • Delivers the benefit of working body muscles and improving balance at the same time thanks to an unstable platform
  • Features a solid build that can handle large amounts of weight
  • Does not take up much floor space
  • Facilitates intense cardio workouts
  • Can be used to rehabilitate injured muscles and joints


  • Does not come with user instructions
  • Some users complain that the core board is not as unstable as they hoped


The Reebok Professional Core Board offers a great way to enhance workout efficiency.

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The board’s unstable platform keeps the body constantly challenged during a workout thereby enhancing results.

So, with this Reebok core board, you can continue with your normal workout routines and enjoy greater results. Beginners, on the other hand, will start their fitness journey in a great way that yields fast results.

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