Reebok Les Mills Aerobic Step Review

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Sport fanatics can now rejoice because Reebok and Les Mills have partnered to create an innovative aerobics step platform for people who want to lose weight or stay fit.

Their product, the Reebok Les Mills aerobics step, makes it possible to perform routines such as lunges, split steps, and triple knees.

You can even use this tool as a push-up platform.

Features of the Reebok Les Mills Aerobic Step Platform

Featuring a red, black and white color scheme, the Reebok Les Mills exercise platform is a stylish piece of fitness equipment.

See how attractive the design is

However, there’s more to this exercise platform than just good looks. When it comes to features, here is what to expect from this aerobics step:

Non-Slip Stepping Board

To prevent injuries due to falls, Reebok and Less Mills designed their aerobics step with a non-slip surface.

The rubber platform provides a nice grip under your feet. Measuring 42 x 17 inches, it’s also quite spacious so you don’t have to worry about losing your balance while struggling to stand on a small space.

Adjustable Height

Like most aerobics steps, this model offers the ability to adjust the platform’s height. It ships with two risers that elevate the platform to 6-inches.

You can also use it without the risers, which will bring down the platform to a floor clearance of 4-inches.

Sturdy And Wobble-Free Design

When performing fast-paced interval training on an aerobics step, a poorly designed platform will move around and increase risk of falls.

However, there is no cause for concern as far as stability and sturdiness go if you choose the Reebok and Les Mills aerobics platform.

This aerobics step features skid-free rubber feet that also act as shock absorbers. Risers attached underneath the step use a secure lock in system as well. The platform itself is study, but it can only support a maximum of 242.5pounds (110kgs).

Easy to Store

If you own a fitness studio and plan on buying several of these aerobics platforms, storing them will be easy. The steps stack together nicely, thus allowing you to save space.

Free Workout DVD and Workout Calendar Provided

As an added bonus, the package includes a 30-minute Les Mills high interval training DVD to help you get started with your workouts. Buyers also get a free calendar for creating a workout plan.

Upgradable Aerobics Step

If you feel that 2 risers aren’t enough, there is the option of upgrading your aerobics platform. All you have to do is get the Les Mills Smartstep upgrade kit.

Is the Reebok Les Mills Aerobic Step Platform Worth Buying?

Indeed, there are cheaper options than the Reebok Mils Aerobics step. With this cardio platform though, you get what you pay for – durability, flexibility, and functionality.

This exercise platform is for fitness buffs who want to invest in quality rather than a cheap tool that will wear out quickly.


  • Risers customize height of platform to make workouts more intense or comfortable
  • Rubber feet reduce strain on joints
  • High maximum load weight of more than 200lb
  • Stable aerobics platform
  • Stylish design
  • Easy to store
  • Free instructional DVD and workout calendar
  • Rigorously tested for performance in commercial settings


  • Only comes with 1 pair of risers
  • Lacks resistance bands, a feature found in other Reebok aerobics steps
  • Pricier than other brands

See what buyers are saying about this product

The Reebok Les Mills aerobics platform may have a few drawbacks but it offers good value for the price. It is especially great for people who are new to using aerobics steps. The instructional DVD helps newbies get started with their workouts as soon as the platform arrives.

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