Redmon for Kids Fun and Fitness Multifunction Rower Review

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Kids today are more likely than ever to be overweight. Part of the reason for this is because they just aren’t getting enough of the exercise that they need. Schools are cutting back on physical education programs, busy parents don’t have enough time to make sure their kids are active enough and between TV and video games, kids are sitting around all too often.

Just as many adults have exercise equipment in their home, now kids can have their own in home equipment as well. The nice part about having it so accessible is that it makes it much easier for parents to monitor exactly how much time their kids are devoting to exercise. Busy parents in particular will like this because it means during a busy work week there is no need to devote additional time to going to the park or sitting outside to keep an eye on their kids.

Product Specs

The first thing many people ask when they hear exercise equipment is ‘how much room is this going to take up?’ It’s a legitimate concern, especially if you are living in tight quarters.
Here are the exact product specs – 21.2 x 34.5 x 21.8 inches. That’s not too big and bulky at all. In fact one customer even commented that this doesn’t take up all that much space.

As far as the weight goes, it is 25 lbs. That is not bad for an adult to handle but a little person obviously would not be able to carry/move this around. It is probably a good thing that it’s too heavy for a little kid to push around because as parents we know already that they would most likely put it in an inappropriate spot anyway.

What We Liked Most

With so much media coverage about childhood obesity and kids turning into couch potatoes, it is nice to see a fun product they can enjoy that keeps them physically active. The Redmon Multifunction Rower is low impact and helps build strength.

The convenience of having an in home piece of exercise equipment that does not take up a ton of room can’t be disputed. As stated above, it really helps when parents have a busy work week and just do not have the time to take the kids to the park or go outside and keep an eye on them while they play. Everyone would love to have enough time to spend an hour or two outside but the reality is that it’s just not feasible every day in most cases.

What We Didn’t Like

This product is made for kids aged 3-7 years of age that weigh up to 45 pounds. It would be nice if this product could handle up to at least 75 pounds because if your child is struggling with weight issues they might weigh more than 45 pounds. Unfortunately with the obesity problem that faces so many kids today, many of them do weigh more even at such a young age.

Final Thoughts

It is an absolute must that kids get enough physical activity. Years ago this wasn’t that big of an issue because kids walked home from school, rode around their neighborhoods on their bikes, played outside unsupervised, etc. Times have changed and nowadays parents have no choice but to keep a much closer eye on their little ones. This means a busy parent will oftentimes have no choice other than to keep their kids indoors because of time constrictions.

Having a product like the Redmon Multifunction Rower in the home makes it so much easier to make sure kids are getting the exercise they need, especially when they can’t go outside to play. It is also a good way to teach and build good exercise habits for the future that will keep your kids healthy.

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