5 Simple Reasons Why You Might Not Have Enough Energy to Workout

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What are the two most commonly used excuses for skipping a workout or not exercising at all? “I don’t have time” and “I don’t have the energy”.

In reality, everyone has the time, it is just a matter of making exercising a priority in your daily life.

Three 10-minutes sessions are just as good (if not better) than one 30-minute one.

However, when it comes to not having enough energy to exercise, that can be a legitimate and real excuse.

One reason you do not have enough energy to exercise is because you don’t exercise.

But doesn’t exercising make you tired. It can, but when done properly, it creates energy so over time you feel more vibrant and like you could conquer the world.

Not exercising

The key to creating more energy is time and intensity.

Studies have found that a workout of 30 minutes or less at a low to moderate intensity is the right combination to increase your energy level.

More time, or at a higher intensity, and exercising in fact could make you more tired and spent.

Other reasons for a lack of energy

Not eating properly can create a lack of energy. The most common cause is eating too much processed and especially fast food.

Too much simple carbs like sugar and you’ll have blood sugar spikes and crashes, which raises havoc with your energy levels.

Too few complex carbohydrates and you won’t have enough raw material for your cells to make the energy it takes to power through a workout.

Try to maintain a percentage ratio of 50/30/20 – carbs, protein and healthy fats respectively for a balanced diet.

Fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain, fatty fish and lean meats should be your staple diet.

A deficiency in Vitamin D will leave you feeling sluggish.

If you can’t get enough naturally by being out in the sun, you can up your level with supplementation of D3. Twenty minutes in the sun is all it takes or by taking 600 to 800 IUs per day in pill form.

Sleep deprivation is commonly overlooked as a reason for lack of energy. In our hectic world of today, some people have a hard time unplugging from their work, and as a consequence, they don’t get enough sleep.

Most experts recommend getting at least 8 hours per night. However here in America, 40% of us get less than 7 hours per night.

While you are sleeping, your body is recharging itself, repairing and rebuilding muscles, replenishing the muscles with glycogen, etc.

If you don’t give it enough time to do this, your energy levels will begin to suffer.

Stress is the scourge of today’s society.

For many of us, the daily demands on our time are overwhelming and can create fatigue all by itself without the other reasons. If you can’t unplug and get away for a while each day, it will sap your energy.

Find a hobby that drains away the stress so that once finished, you will feel better and more refreshed.

How about exercising! Through studies, it has consistently proven itself to reduce stress levels. Looks like we have come full circle!

3 Ways to Boost Your Energy Before a Workout

In order to get the most out of your workouts, you need to put serious effort into what you are doing.

Some days that is easier said than done! You may have had a late night, or you may not be feeling well, which will result in you being tired and not having the energy to put 100% into your workout.

Or maybe you’re just pushing your body to the limited and need to make sure you have the fuel to get going.

Here are a few ways to boost your energy levels before the workout begins.

Consume caffeine

Caffeine is a universal pick me up and the vast majority of people in North America consume it to start their day. But, it is also a great way of boosting your energy before your workout.

Just one or two cups of coffee before a workout can massively boost your energy levels and give you the extra drive you need to finish the workout.

Some people even replace coffee with green tea for a milder effect.

Caffeine also acts as a thermogenic, so if you are on a diet, you may be interested to know that consuming caffeine can help kick start your metabolism and cause you to burn more calories.

If calories are a concern, you can take the coffee black or consume caffeine supplements instead.

Listen to upbeat music

It may not sound like an effective strategy, but believe it or not, listening to upbeat music really can help you get through a workout.

The way it works is that music helps effectively distract your brain, which helps you finish your exercise without getting as tired.

Any sort of music will do, it depends entirely on the music you find interesting. If you like rap music, listen to that. If you like heavy metal, listen to that instead.

The goal is to listen to music that you like to help keep your brain occupied.

Eat fruit

Fruit is a great thing to eat before a workout. Fruit should, of course, be a part of your diet anyways, but it is especially good if you can consume it before a workout.

Fruits contain natural sugars which give you a fast energy boost from carbs.

Which fruit you consume is up to you, but, if you want a recommendation, go with bananas; they taste great, they are digested quickly and help give you the energy you need to finish your workout.

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