Eating More Protein And Viscous Fiber Can Help Reduce Belly Fat

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If you’re struggling to lose excess belly fat, there are several ways that you can start giving your body the boost it needs to get rid of it.

One of the changes you can make to your diet is to incorporate more viscous fiber, also known as soluble fiber.

Where is viscous fiber found?

It is found in foods such as flaxseed, sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts.

There are many ways you can incorporate it into your diet – simply find an extensive list of foods with this type of fiber and ensure that you have a few of them on your shopping list each week.

You can then create healthy meals, ensuring that you get a healthy dose of soluble fiber each day.

How can viscous fiber help to reduce belly fat?

There are several reasons why viscous fiber helps to reduce unwanted belly fat.

Apart from being generally good for your body, you can use it to help you along in your bid to lose weight or get rid of some stubborn fat around your waistline.

Firstly, it makes you feel fuller for longer, thus reducing your appetite and therefore decreases the amount of calories you eat per day.

This knock-on effect means that you are not putting as much food into your body, which helps towards creating the calorie deficit which is needed in order to lose weight.

By losing weight, you’ll also start to lose fat, and eventually the belly fat that you no longer want will start to melt away.

Secondly, viscous fiber promotes the development and growth of good bacteria in your lower gut.

This type of bacteria isn’t bad like many other types we come across – in fact, your body needs it in order to survive and stay healthy.

By eating a diet rich in viscous fiber, there are many different varieties of bacteria which are allowed to exist in your gut.

Studies have found that the more varieties of good bacteria there are, the less likely you are to gain fat around your belly.

Thirdly, you’ll eat healthier foods if you try to eat a diet which contains plenty of soluble fiber.

Rather than eating foods which are high in white flour and sugars, you’ll aim to eat the healthier items in your fridge, which will promote a healthier lifestyle in general.

How Eating More Protein Can Help You Lose Belly Fat

Getting a balanced diet can be difficult.

You need to make sure you’re getting the right amount of everything your body needs, and unless you take the time to study and find out exactly what you need, how much you need and when you need it, you could be giving your body too much or too little of one thing or another.

One of the things you should be eating plenty of is protein.

This can be found in meat and fish but only in nuts, seeds, eggs, diary products and beans.

There are several reasons why including more protein in your diet can help you on your way to getting rid of belly fat.

1) It doesn’t contain as many calories

Replacing carbs with more protein can help you save calories throughout the day. You’ll find yourself saving loads of calories once you cut out bread, potatoes, pasta and rice.

As a result, you can eat more smaller meals or larger meals containing more protein and other types of food.

You may even have some left over at the end of the day for a treat, or save them up for the end of the week if there’s a special occasion or event.

Eating less calories means that your body is able to burn some of the stored fat that you have, and eventually it will work its way to your belly and start getting rid of the fat there.

2) You can eat more food…

…and therefore you won’t feel as hungry throughout the day and be tempted to snack or eat larger meals.

If you have a breakfast high in protein, such as two eggs, a banana and a glass of milk, this will come to around 250 calories.

This is approximately half of what you’d eat if you opted for bagels, toast, sugary cereal and other popular breakfast items, and you’ll feel just as full (or more full than you would eating sugary foods!).

3) Protein helps to boost your metabolism

Since most protein is found in healthy foods, it gives your metabolism a good boost when you start eating a diet which is high in protein.

One of the most popular diets for losing fat in general is a low-carb high-protein diet.

You won’t feel as bloated, which will also lead to you feeling like you have a smaller and flatter stomach.

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