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Whether you are a newbie who cannot handle weight lifting bars just yet or someone looking to replace resistance bands or dumbbells that are not delivering tough enough workouts, the [NEW] POWER REELS would make an excellent buy.

Dubbed the no. 1 most effective constant resistant fitness products, the POWER REELS are lightweight, portable, effective, highly versatile, and available in 3 different weights (3, 5, and 8 LBS).

Thanks to this combination of features, these resistance-training tools will not only blend into your regular workouts but will also work to make exercises more effective.

Features of the [NEW] POWER REELS

The POWER REELS can be used in just about any workout you want.

From curls to jumping jacks to planks to even a run on the treadmill, there’s literally no exercise you cannot engage in using these resistance products.

And, the best part is that regardless of whatever workout you engage in, the POWER REELS will keep your muscles working throughout the entire routine thus allowing you to reap faster results.

All of this is made possible by 2 key features:

  • Cutting edge inner energy springs: The POWER REELS are fitted with a patented constant resistance system, which consists of inner energy springs. These springs supply working muscles with constant and uniform resistance in the form of the POWER REELS’ resistance weight. So, depending on the option you choose, you will be working against 3, 5, or 8 pounds of weight with every movement.
  • Rotating heads: With the POWER REELS, you can exercise while sited, standing up, or lying down thanks to the equipment’s rotating heads, which allow for multi-directional movements. In addition to facilitating workouts in different angles, the rotating heads help enhance workout safety by allowing smooth and natural movements of muscles.

Further adding on to the versatility and safety of the POWER REELS is an ultra-secure snap-resistant wire. Just like the rotating heads, the wire keeps workouts safe and allows for multidirectional use.

View more features here

Are the [NEW] POWER REELS Worth Buying?

The only customer complaint about the [NEW] POWER REELS is that they do the not come with a workout DVD.

Instead, the product refers buyers to the brand’s official website where they can watch videos to get exercise ideas. So, those without high-speed internet miss out on a huge opportunity to add new and effective moves to their workouts.

Other than that, the POWER REELS are widely loved by users, most of whom say that the resistance tools are a must buy.


  • Are small and light and therefore easy to transport
  • Feel comfortable to use thanks to ergonomic rubber handles and a molded frame
  • Deliver a tough workout to both newbies and more experienced fitness enthusiasts
  • Pull apart to the user’s full wingspan even for those as tall as 6’
  • Pull out smoothly to ensure users do not pull a muscle
  • Have a sturdy construction that promises a long lifespan


  • Workout DVD not included but customers can watch exercise videos online from manufacturer’s website


The [NEW] POWER REELS are the true definition of a great all-rounded resistance training workout tool. They are comfortable to use, can be used in hundreds of exercises, adjust to the users level of fitness, deliver a good workout burn, and can work every muscle in the body.

All this is offered at the very affordable price too! So, buy the [NEW] POWER REELS and make the most out of your workouts.

Read what buyers are saying about this handy exercise equipment

Take note that there are 3 colors available for this product. And the variety of colors is not just meant for your entertainment. The 3 colors, namely yellow, blue, and red have different levels of resistance. Yellow having the least resistance while red the highest.

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