Polar M400 GPS Smart Sports Watch Review

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Polar M400 is the first device to bridge the gap in between an activity tracker and a GPS running smartwatch.

The device is the company’s second GPS featured product after Polar V800. Polar M400 is capable of tracking down all the activities you carry out while it’s still on your wrist.

Some of the activities that the device tracks down include the number of steps taken, the distance traveled, calories burned, and sleep. Compared to its sibling Polar V800, the device is cheaper.

Features of the Polar M400 GPS Smart Sports

Polar M400 has a plethora of astounding features. Unlike most of its rivals, it is capable of knowing whether it’s being worn or not. If it has not been worn for a long time, it syncs with your smartphone via Bluetooth and reminds the user to jog or walk.

When it comes to design, Polar M400 is the slimmest of running watches too. In fact, it measures 11.5mm and weighs just 55.6g. The watch is one of the most comfortable to wear whether you are sleeping or awake. It is built with an adjustable rubber strap to ensure everybody can wear it.

Additional features include:

  • The device also is built with a feature to know whenever you running and whenever you stop. When you stop running the tracker pauses, and it resumes when your start running.
  • Polar M400 has a feature to estimate how long it should take for you complete a certain distance. This is possible by comparing the pace and speed.
  • At night, you don’t have to tell the watch “night night” just like many smart watch devices requires their users to do. It is built with a feature to detect whenever your body is asleep easily.
  • A heart rate monitor feature is also included in the device. It checks on heartbeat per minute and presents all the data on display. All the activities stats and location can be accessed from the smartphone app, a computer or the website.
  • The device is built with a water resistance: this means sweat, splash or rain won’t have an effect on the device. You can even wear it in shower or swimming.
  • The internal battery can last up to 5 days if GPS feature is not turned on. When GPS feature is turned on, it lasts for a day or two.


  • It has a responsive user interface and intuitive buttons.
  • It can be configured through the device’s website.
  • It uses the standard micro-USB charger unlike most which use expensive cables for charging.


  • Compared to Polar V800, it has poorer GPS accuracy.
  • It has no vibration alert unlike most of its rivals.
  • The calories counter is not as accurate as makers of the device claim.


Although the device has some cons, it’s still one of the best activity tracker and fitness devices in the market today. Its price is pocket friendly too compared to similar devices in the market. It is comfortable on the wrist and it has great battery life and outstanding design.

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