Phantom Fit Resistance Loop Bands Review

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Do your current fitness goals involve working your way to a well-toned body? If so, the Phantom Fit Resistance Loop Bands offer a great opportunity to get a strong lean body with good muscle definition.

Perfect for enhancing how you practice at home, these loop bands support versatile exercises that can work just about any muscle in the body. The best part is that you can use these resistance loop bands to either target a single muscle or work a group of muscles at the same time for greater results.

Features of the Phantom Fit Resistance Loop Bands

The Phantom Fit Resistance Loop Bands come in a set of 4 differently colored bands each featuring its own labeled resistance. The bands in order of resistance include a blue band with light resistance, a red band with medium resistance, a green band with heavy resistance, and a black band with X-extra heavy resistance. Capable of being used 1 at a time or all 4 together; these Phantom Fit resistance bands allow you to enjoy:

  • Variety in workouts: The bands combine a loop design, 10-inch length, and a relatively good range of stretch to enable a wide range of activities including lunges, yoga, squats, ab exercises, stretching routines, cross fit workouts, and many more. Exercise aside, the bands can also be used in low intensity physical activities to help heal muscle and joint related injuries.
  • Safety: A huge plus of these Phantom Fit loop bands is that you get to work out with the peace of mind of knowing that the bands will not snap nor harm you during exercises. This is thanks to a sturdy build consisting of a snap resistant latex material that ensures utmost safety during use.
  • Great financial savings: The Phantom Fit resistance bands are currently sold at the unbelievable price that aren’t too hard on the pocket. This price saves you a great deal of money that is over 50% less of what you would use by buying 4 different resistance bands in today’s market.

Are the Phantom Fit Resistance Loop Bands Worth Buying?

Compared to what the resistance loop band market has to offer, these bands from Phantom Fit offer you the best value for your money. They can accommodate a variety of exercises, come in several resistance options that are guaranteed to meet the needs of most, can be used for months with no signs of wear, and are insanely cheap. So, if you have been thinking of giving resistance loop bands a try, this Phantom Fit brand would a great first buy.


  • Offers the option of combining multiple bands to ensure you keep each of your workouts at your desired resistance
  • Promises guaranteed long-term durability that is backed by a 100% lifetime no-hassle free replacement guarantee for bands that get damaged
  • The bands come with a nylon carrying case for stress-free storage and transportation
  • Can be used to work just about any body part from the shoulders all the way to the ankles
  • To ensure users keep following their workout plan, the bands come with downloadable workout music that will keep your spirits and motivation up
  • The latex material is designed to be skin safe


  • Although great at their job, the Phantom Fit Resistance Loop Bands are more suitable for beginners and those looking to rehabilitate injured muscles. Gym rats and the highly fit will not find the bands’ resistance to be challenging enough.


Given that the Phantom Fit Resistance Loop Bands have hundreds of positive reviews from users, it is safe to say that the bands are great at their job. Therefore, supplementing your workouts with these resistance loop bands will deliver the best possible results.

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