Pace Maker Flip Lock “Expedition” Trekking Poles Review

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For balance and mobility while you hike, trekking poles can’t be beat. They are also very versatile for hikers and campers, perfect for a number of “non walking” uses in the great outdoors. PaceMaker Stix has designed its Flip Lock “Expedition” Trekking Poles with some nice features that make them a handy hiking addition, so let’s hit the trail and give this hiking companion a thorough review.

Pace Maker Flip Lock “Expedition” Trekking Poles Features and Specs

* Adjustable telescoping feature
* “Sure grip” rubber feet
* Rugged tungsten tips
* Includes 1 year warranty
* Made of lightweight, durable, aircraft grade aluminum

What’s Hot About Pace Maker Flip Lock “Expedition” Trekking Poles?

Over at online retailing kingpin Amazon, 3 out of every 4 verified purchasers gave these hiking poles a perfect 5.0 customer satisfaction score. A nearly perfect 4.6 / 5.0 rating from more than 190 previous Amazon buyers speaks to the quality and value of this rugged and handy Pacemaker Stix product.

The #7075 aluminum used to construct the shafts is the same as in aircraft construction. This is because it is incredibly good at taking a beating without structurally damaging or failing, while also benefiting from an extremely low weight.

That means your hands and arms don’t get tired like they often do with heavier trekking poles. Your purchase includes 3 different pairs of feet. So whether you are hiking or traveling on snow, gravel, sand, flat pavement, grass or any other ground surface, you can do so safely and with a lot of support.

These trekking poles are named because of a patented Flip Lock mechanism. Once you adjust these poles to the desired length, when you lock them in place they don’t slip. This is important when you bear down on your poles for balance.

The company offers a 1 year warranty against manufacturer’s defects. This is usually not the case, even with much more expensive hiking poles. You can adjust the Pace Maker Flip Lock “Expedition” Trekking Poles from 27 to 54 inches. This means children and adults of all sizes can use them comfortably and safely.

Your grips are made with comfortable, sweat absorbing cork and are complete with safety gripping straps. From the top to the bottom of these hiking poles, Pacemaker Stix has manufactured a quality product.

Why They’re Not so Hot

This product comes in black only, there are no color choices. They also do not include built-in shock absorbers like some more expensive models. However, the commercial grade rubber tips included are specially designed to absorb some shock, and the rest of the features on this product make it a very worthwhile purchase for hikers, campers and outdoorsmen and women.

(You can read actual buyer comments and reviews here)

Who Are the Pace Maker Flip Lock “Expedition” Trekking Poles Perfect For?

If you hike much, you may want to give these trekking poles a look. They are designed with features which support extensive use. From the quick and easy adjustable length feature to the absorbent cork handles and the vulcanized rubber feet, the Pace Maker Flip Lock “Expedition” Trekking Poles deliver features found on more expensive poles at a fraction of the price.

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