Overweight Kids in a Toothpick World by Brenda Wollenberg Review

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As moms and dads none of us want our kids getting picked on or bullied nor do we want them to ever have health problems. It is a heartbreaking ordeal for any parent to watch their child go through.

Overweight children are prime candidates for these types of problems. We all know it because we have seen it happen time and again when we were kids as well. These kids take a real mental and emotional beating on a daily basis. Parents not only feel hurt but also frustrated due to the inability to help. Diets, fat farms, tons of conflicting information found both online and offline – none of it seems to deliver any type of long lasting resolutions.

About the Book

Any parent who feels that they are at their wits end with no solution in site can breathe a sigh of relief when they get their hands on this book. It is filled with exactly what you need to finally help your child lose that extra weight for good.

The author has taken a sensible approach to weight loss for children and addresses far more than just exercising and cutting back on calories. She addresses all of the needs of a child including a necessary lifestyle overhaul, the social and emotional impact of childhood obesity, consideration that must be given to body type, the part sleep and clean water play in the child’s health, etc.  It’s really a very comprehensive guide that anyone will find extremely beneficial.

Another component to the book is the worksheets and recipes that are provided. The author does not just provide written content to be read but also goes way beyond in helping families implement an effective action plan. Everything you need to get prepared before you start the program is provided. This alone will make a huge difference in ensuring that readers will implement what they learn from this book and finally provide a solution that works to their suffering child.

Lastly, this program does not require that you make all kinds of expensive purchases for things like bulky exercise equipment or exotic foods and diet shakes. It is a real world plan that any parent can put to use immediately.

About the Author

Brenda Wollenberg has a background in social work where she was employed for almost ten years working with family support services.

She started her own company – Choices Lifestyle Management – in 1986 where she focused on healthy living through teaching, writing, and consulting. Her studies, both in and out of the classroom, include nutrition, fitness, natural cooking, and time management.

Brenda is also quite an accomplished writer with many credits to her name. In addition to this book she has written columns, newsletters, articles and for publications such as Canadian Living, Maclean’s, Family Fun and Grit.

Final Thoughts

Let’s face it, no one wants their kid to be overweight or to get picked on. The reality is that it happens though. If you are able to figure out a solution on your own that’s great but many parents just can’t for whatever reason. Instead of trying a bunch of things that aren’t working for you, doesn’t it make sense to use a program that is known to work? That’s what you will have in your hands when you do what Brenda outlines in this book.

Working on a problem of this magnitude is never easy and it does take work. At the same time however, if you know what you are doing is making a difference, it’s not nearly as frustrating because you have a light at the end of the tunnel.

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