4 Outdoor Fitness Activity Ideas

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Getting outside and getting your sweat on is probably one of the absolute best ways to enjoy the beauty that every place has to offer.

Even if you wouldn’t consider your hometown a particularly scenic area, it’s worth stepping outside and seeing where you can go to get your exercise in for the day.

Once you try it, you’re probably going to start making a habit of it!

After all, outside you’ll find that there are so many more things to do, see, and enjoy as you get in your daily activity.

And that makes working out even more fun and enjoyable than you probably ever thought.

Whether you’re struggling to get motivated to head out to the gym or just looking to mix things up, here are some ideas of outdoor activities that will get you in shape.

1) On Your Feet

Walk, jog, run, or hike on your own two feet.

Choose a local park path or even a trail system to get out and enjoy the scenery.

It might sound so simple and obvious to some, but many people pass up opportunities every day to explore on foot. If you’re not sure about your endurance, start with a simple walk around your local park or neighborhood and then explore from there.

2) On Your Bicycle

You can take many of the same paths, and more, with a bicycle too and see just how much fun it can be getting places 5-10 miles per hour faster than you can walk.

If you live in the city, a bike is a great opportunity to save on gas and get outside and active at the same time.

It’s really a win/win situation.

3) In The Water

Whether it’s the local pool, the natural lake, or even the ocean, every place has water nearby that can be enjoyed.

Swimming is a fantastic whole-body workout that will enable you to get out and be active in the sun.

If you happen to be near a natural body of water, you can even find a new hobby that gets you outside, like surfing, skimming, or even fishing–although some are more active than others!

4) At The Park

Don’t feel like you can do too much exploring?

Whether it’s because of weather or your current fitness level, there is always something you can do nearby that will help you get more active.

Try joining a local club, or just a pickup game, to play tennis, volleyball, basketball, or even golf.

4 Benefits of Exercising Outdoors

Looking to exercise outdoors? You’re not alone.

Every season, millions of people step outside to take care of their daily activities.

Some do it deliberately, others do it only because they have to.

But, did you know that there are lots of benefits that come along with working outdoors? In fact, it might prove to be your new favorite choice.

1) No More Gym

This is at the top of the list simply because so many people claim that they put off weight loss and exercise because they either cannot afford a gym membership or they feel like the gym is not a welcoming enough atmosphere for them to feel confident going there.

Instead, they often choose to do nothing at all.

Fortunately, working outside doesn’t take any membership at all.

You can do it from the privacy of your backyard or you can even head to the local park, beach, or trails to get in your activities.

2) It’s Diverse

Get tired of staring at the ceiling as you do your crunches?

Outside, there are all sorts of activities you can participate in and you’ll never run short of beautiful settings.

Even if you choose to walk the same trail every day, the different people, animals, and weather will always make something a little bit different to help you avoid the monotonous toll the gym or a home workout can have on you.

3) It’s Not Boring

Sick of working out with weights or walking on the treadmill?

You’ll find a wealth of “exercise” that you can do outside and most of it doesn’t even feel like exercise at all.

Skip the treadmill and jog a local park track.

Skip the stationary bike and get outside to explore the local trails. Skip the row machine and go out swimming in the local waters.

There are so many options, you won’t ever run out of ideas.

4) You’ll Get Vitamins

Out in the sun means plenty of vitamins and a mood-boosting environment to make you feel even better about your workout.

Being outside also means a much-needed dose of fresh air, so next time you’re dreading your journey to the gym, forego the traffic and do something outside instead.

Even just starting with yard work or a walk around the neighborhood can get you hooked.

No one is staring at you, so get out there and enjoy the scenery!

Why Hiking is Great for Fitness

Looking to get fit? Take a hike.

For those looking to tone up just about any time of the year, the gym actually isn’t the answer you’re looking for.

Not only have walking and running proven time and time again to be fantastic activities for toning up your entire body while increasing your endurance–you’ll also enjoy the fact that they’re entirely free!

But, rather than jumping on the treadmill to get your workout in, you’ll get even more benefits if you choose to go to a local park or trail system and get your exercise in there.

And, there are actually multiple perks you’ll experience as a result.

1) Vitamins

Your body needs to be outside.

There are certain vitamins that you’ll absorb from the sunlight and you’ll also get a natural mood boost when you get outside and begin breathing in the fresh air as you move around.

These come completely free-of-charge and it can do wonders for your body, mind, and soul.

2) Scenery

Ever felt the bore of staring at the ceiling during an at-home workout or looking at the dreadful wall as you march on the treadmill?

Outside, the minutes just pass you by as you take everything in.

The people, the animals, and the trees and scenery will help your workout fly by, which will make you able to work out for even longer than you could strapped to a walking machine.

3) Variance

Treadmills may have the option to increase your speed to a certain degree or even the incline, but that will never compare to the true variance of walking a trail that has slopes, hills, and winding paths.

Walking outside burns more calories than walking on a stagnant treadmill, and it will prove more enjoyable too!

4) Challenges

You’ll never get the thrill of truly challenging yourself with a brand new hike at the gym.

You’ll also never get the same reward of reaching the top of your favorite local summit.

Even if you don’t live near any mountains, every area has some beautiful trails that can take you to secret spots that you never dreamt of.

This beauty is something that keeps you motivated as you hike and also rewards you for a job well done after you have completed the path.

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