Obsidian Exercise Slide Board Review

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Are you looking for an extremely new and unique exercise product?

If so, then you might want to check out the Obsidian Exercise Slide Board.

This is an exercise product that is going to be unlike anything else you have seen before.

Find out if this unique exercise tool is worth your money in this review.

Key Features of the Obsidian Exercise Slide Board

  • Comes with specially designed gloves and socks.
  • Comes with 3 bonus exercise DVDs.
  • Smooth surface lets you effortlessly glide across it.
  • Designed to prevent injury.

Is the Obsidian Exercise Slide Board Worth Your Money?

So, there is a good chance that you have never seen a sliding board before.

If not, this is how they work. The surface is extremely smooth and easy to slide on.

To make the process even easier, the board comes with a pair of gloves and socks that are designed to make sliding across the board even easier.

What you do is do the same sort of exercises on the sliding board that you would normally do on the floor.

But because the board is so smooth, the exercise ends up being easier on your joints and muscles.

You burn the same number of calories, but you don’t have the added risk of injuring yourself.

Overall, the Obsidian Exercise Slide Board is exceptionally well-designed.

When you are wearing the accompanying gloves and socks, you literally glide across the board.

It is truly remarkable and it’s really something that you need to experience for yourself.

But it should also be said that despite being extremely smooth, it’s still very easy to work up a sweat on this board. It isn’t so slippery that you can’t go hard on it.

Despite its name and look, the board can actually be folded up quite easily.

You can roll it up and store it just like you would a yoga mat.

So, it isn’t hard to transport to your local gym or yoga class. It’s also very easy to clean, surprisingly.

One thing that really does make this a good purchase is that you don’t just get the board, you also get some additional workout DVDs.

You get 3 DVDs in total, for a combined total of well over 30 different exercises to try out on your board.

So, if you get the board set up and are totally lost on how to use it, you can just pop in one of the DVDs.

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